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Federal P9hs2 Hydra-shok Jacketed Hollow Point 20rd 147gr 9mm Luger

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$17.99-$4.99 Long Guns, $9.99 Handguns
$18.48-$25 Handguns, $20 Long Guns
$18.49-Free S/H on Firearms
$18.49-Free S/H on Firearms
$18.49-Free S/H on Firearms
$18.49-Free S/H on Firearms
$18.49-Free S/H on Firearms
$19.67-Free S/H on Firearms
$19.67-Free S/H on Firearms
$19.67-Free S/H on Firearms
$19.67-Free S/H on Firearms
$19.67-Free S/H on Firearms
$18.63-Free on Firearms, Flat $14.95 on acc/ammo
$19.15-Flat Rate $8.99
$19.47-Published Rates
$19.59-Published Rates
$20.52-Published Rates
$20.54-Published Rates
$21.64-Published Rates
$22.44-Published Rates
$22.59-Published Rates
$21.00-Published Rates
$19.48-Free S/H over $199
$19.53-$0 - $39 on Firearms
$19.98-$14.95 for guns, $8.95 for accessories
$19.98$20.58 (3%)Free S/H on Guns, Accessories Flat Rate $11.99
$20.01-$7.77 per order
$21.64-$7.77 per order
$20.16-$10 or Less
$20.44-Free S/H on Firearms
$20.95-Free shipping over $49 with code SHIP49
$20.99-Firearms and Ammo, $10.95, Other $7.95
$21.02-Firearms FREE, Other $7.95 Flat Rate
$21.32-Firearms Ship Free
$22.55-Firearms Ship Free
$22.82-Firearms Ship Free
$22.97-Firearms Ship Free
$27.95-Firearms Ship Free
$21.95-Free over $90 except Handguns
$22.15-Free S/H over $150
$22.34-$10 Flat for Firearms
$22.38-Firearms: $7 for the first item, $3 after that
$22.99-Free in-store Pickup
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$24.38-$25 S/H on Firearms
$24.99-$9 Flat S/H on Firearms
$25.30-$25 per order
$27.95-$29.99 on Firearms, $11.99 on accessories
MAP-Free Shipping
$18.42- Additional
$18.99-Most Firearms ship for FREE
$19.99-$10 flat rate shipping
$24.99-$30 on Guns (Free w/code SHIP30 over $500)
$31.95-Everything Ships Free!
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Price: $28.99
Price per round: $0.578

Federal 9mm 147 gr. +P 50 rnd bx- $28.99 The edge you can carry into any situation. Made exclusively Tactical® hollow-point achieves accuracy and terminal performance unmatched by any other ammunition today. With 100% weight retention through most barriers, it's your single, best choice for precision accuracy and barrier penetration.
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Price: $20.99
Price per round: $1.045
@Gander Mountain

Federal Premium Personal Defense 9mm 147-Gr. HSJHP 20 Rnds - $20.99 (Free S/H over $50) Federal Premium Personal Defense 9mm Luger, 147 gr, HSJHP, 20ct, Handgun Ammo - Federal Premium handgun loads are the best around. Hydra-Shok is the first choice for many military and law enforcement officials across the globe. Federal's unique center-post design delivers controlled expansion and the notched jacket provides efficient energy transfer to penetrate barriers while retaining stopping power. The deep penetration of this jacketed bullet satisfies even the FBI's stringent testing requirements. Specifications Caliber 9mm Luger Weight Grains 147gr Bullet Style Hydra-Shok JHP
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@Gander Mountain

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