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If you are interested in banner ads, you may place your banner order here.

Shopping comparison program

To participate in our shopping comparison program, please complete our monthly subscription, 6 months subscription with 5% discount, or annual subscription with 10% discount for up to 10,000 products. For product feeds over 10,000 products, please contact us for a customized quote. Follow these instructions, and after completing the subscription, email us your Product Feed URL and we will set everything up. If you do not have a product feed, we may be able to create and maintain a product feed for you. This plan does NOT include deal posting privileges. There is a $100 feed/website change fee. We do not provide phone support, email us or use the contact us form with any questions.

Dealer Postings

To post deals to our website, please complete this monthly subscription, 6 Months Subscription with 5% discount or our Annual Subscription with 10% discount. Please read our terms carefully. We do not provide phone support, email us or use the contact us form with any questions.

This plan will renew automatically unless you cancel your subscription. With this monthly plan Industry Partners or Dealers will be allowed to post or bump one (1) deal/offer every 3 (three) days on Postings will be marked as "Paid Dealer Posting". Posts will remain in your store and category pages as long as your post is valid (including prices, stock status and links) and your subscription is valid. Standard rules apply to paid postings: Price has to be the lowest online. Overpriced "deals" will be deleted. We reserve the right to end subscriptions at any time. Once we receive the payment, please email us your username on to office at and your account will be upgraded within 24 hours. Featured deals (Deals on the top of the front page) are off limits to dealers. Featured deals are automatically calculated and added based on popularity, rating and number of clicks and views. We will not remove any user submitted comments, unless they are offensive. Please do not request comment removal. Giveaways are not allowed. We do not provide phone support, email us or use the contact us form with any questions.

Sponsored Deals

Sponsor a deal in our featured section for a week, for a month or until it sells out. Must be an actual good deal. Please contact us with details, include the deal you desire to sponsor for review.

Affiliate Program

If your webstore offers an affiliate program thru some of the affiliate networks such as AvantLink, Commission Junction, ShareASale, Linkshare or your own in-house affiliate program, please contact us and we will work out the details. Most subscriptions would be included for free with the affiliate program.

PPC (pay per click billing)

If you are uncertain regarding our flat monthly rates for price compare or dealer postings, we can bill you per click basis every month. Per click price depends on your product feed and products you offer. Contact us for more details.

Moderator service

We are now offering moderator service for the most popular and reputable stores. This service is for large scale businesses that focus on volume. Our moderators will search for your best firearm deals and post them each day to our web page. These deals may also be featured on our Facebook, twitter and other marketing channels. We can only post absolutely best prices online, no exceptions. Only webstores that constantly offer deals qualify for this service. These subscriptions are in addition to your "price compare" and "dealer postings" subscriptions. We do not provide phone support, email us or use the contact us form with any questions.

Monthly Recurring Subscription - 1 Moderator Post per Day or Monthly Recurring Subscription - 2 Moderator Posts per Day

Dealer API Access

Compare and optimize your pricing for best exposure on and online

To access paid dealers API subscription, you will need API key. For obtaining your API key, please complete the monthly recurring subscription for your desired API

- Top products

Prices for top most populars products on website.

Monthly Recurring Subscription for Top 150 most viewed products only{API_KEY}&total_results={INT}
- api_key (required)
- total_results (optional, default: 5)

- Prices by UPC - Full Access to entire database
Get prices for one or million products by UPC.
Monthly Recurring Subscription for Full Access to entire database{API_KEY}&upc={UPC}&total_results={INT}
- api_key (required)
- upc (required)
- total_results (optional, default: 5)

Change, update or cancel your subscription or payment method

In order to update your credit card or cancel your subscription, please navigate here

On the right side, (search by zip code)
type in your order number (you can find the order number in your email receipt)
and your zip code
We do not provide phone support, email us or use the contact us form with any questions.