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Shopping Comparison Subscription

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Shopping Comparison Subscription

Our Shopping Comparison Subscription Participation Terms:

Our monthly subscription fee is $499.99, which includes the first 2000 clicks per month.

For any clicks beyond the initial 2000, an additional charge of 25 cents per click will apply to all merchants.

Merchants seeking participation in our shopping comparison program must have a paid merchant status.

Merchants are obligated to create and maintain an updated product feed, which should consist of no fewer than 1000 products. This product feed should be accessible through HTTP or FTP service.

In case you do not possess a product feed, we may offer assistance in creating and maintaining one for you.

Merchants must acknowledge that the information provided in the product feed will be made publicly available.

Accuracy is paramount: price and availability details must be precisely displayed in the product feed.

The final price for each product must be clearly indicated in your product feed.

All extra charges, such as gun processing fees, credit card fees, and additional purchase fees, must be incorporated into the final product price within your product feed.

Your cart and checkout system should transparently display the final price a customer would pay, without requiring them to create an account or enter their email address. Only the Zip code and City of residence are necessary for sales tax calculation.

We retain the right to terminate or decline a merchant's participation in the shopping comparison program for various reasons, including failure to maintain an accurate product feed, excessive shipping charges, excessive credit card fees, optional sales tax, price manipulation, or unethical business practices. These practices encompass, but are not limited to, slow shipping times, active promotion of competing platforms, falsely advertising products as in stock when they are on back-order, sharing sensitive pricing information or communications, soliciting data from other vendors, tampering with prices, or harming the brand and business in any manner.

It's important to note that this subscription does not grant you listings in the WikiArms search engine table.

All vendors will undergo review and be listed based on their appropriateness and the benefit they bring to' business and visitors. will download product feeds multiple times throughout the day.

Strategies to increase conversions

What you can do to increase your conversions - Reduce your bill with fewer clicks and improve conversions and sales

- List only in-stock products in your feed: This means that you should display products on your website that are currently available and ready to be sold. When customers see items that are in stock, they are more likely to make a purchase because they can get the product right away.

- Transparent Pricing: This is all about being honest and clear with your pricing. When customers compare prices on your website with other stores, the price they see should be very close to what they'll actually pay at checkout. In other words, you should include all extra charges like processing fees, credit card fees, and any other additional costs in the initial product price you display.

- Your cart and checkout system: When a customer adds products to their shopping cart and proceeds to the checkout, the final price they will pay should be easily visible. You should make it clear without making them go through unnecessary steps like creating an account or providing their email address. The only information needed at this stage is their zip code and city of residence for calculating sales tax.

- In essence, the goal is to make the entire shopping process on your website as straightforward and honest as possible. By displaying accurate product availability, being transparent with pricing, and simplifying the checkout process, you can potentially increase your website's conversion rates and boost sales. Customers appreciate a smooth and trustworthy shopping experience, which can lead to more successful transactions.

Technical instructions

Provided feeds should comply with one of the following formats:

- Offer Feed XML Specification V2 (New) RECOMMENDED

- Offer Feed XML Specification V1 (Old)