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Shopping Comparison Subscription

If you would like to get listed in our shopping comparison section, please read the information below.

Price compare table example
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Shopping Comparison Subscription

$499.99 monthly subscription includes the first 2500 clicks per month. All merchants will be billed extra 25cents per click for all clicks over the first 2500 clicks included in the subscription. Merchants applying for participation in our shopping comparison program are required to have a paid merchant status. Merchants are required to create and maintain an up-to-date product feed that contains no less than 1000 products and is available for download thru HTTP or FTP service. If you do not have a product feed, we may be able to create and maintain a product feed for you. Merchants agree that information provided in the product feed will be made public. Price and availability must be accurately displayed in the product feed. We reserve the right to terminate or refuse merchants' participation in the shopping comparison program for failing to maintain an accurate product feed, excessive shipping charges, price gouging or other unethical business practices including but not limited to slow shipping times, actively promoting a competing platform, back-ordering products that are advertised as in stock, sharing pricing information or sensitive communications, inquiring data from other vendors, price tampering or damaging brand and business in any way. This subscription does not grant you listing in WikiArms search engine table. All vendors will be reviewed and listed only if deemed appropriate and beneficial for business and visitors. will download product feeds several times per day

Technical instructions

Provided feeds should comply with one of the following formats:

- Offer Feed XML Specification V2 (New) RECOMMENDED

- Offer Feed XML Specification V1 (Old) DEPRECATED