Dealers API access

Compare and optimize your pricing for best exposure on and online

To access paid dealers API subscription, you will need API key. For obtaining your API key, please complete the monthly recurring subscription for your desired API

Top products

Prices for top most populars products on website.

Monthly Recurring Subscription for Top 150 most viewed products only

  • api_key (required)
  • total_results (optional, default: 5)

Prices by UPC - Full Access to entire database

Get prices for one or million products by UPC.
Monthly Recurring Subscription for Full Access to entire database

Fetch prices for single UPC

  • api_key (required)
  • upc (required)
  • total_results (optional, default: 5)

List of vendor IDs

  • api_key (required)

Return results from selected vendor only

GET{API_KEY}&upc={UPC}&merchant={merchant ID}
  • api_key (required)
  • upc (required)
  • merchant (optional, default: all vendors)

Fetch prices for multiple UPCs in one API call (batch fetch)

  • api_key (required)

Request body: (maximum 1000 UPCs per batch)

    "upcs": ["<upc1>", "<upc2>", ...]

Please contact us if you would like to enable URLs from vendors in the API call