How to handle MAP pricing in your feed that is sent to

If you want to hide your price due to MAP pricing policies, follow these instructions:

For XML V2 Specification:

  1. Locate the price element inside your offer element in your XML feed.
  2. Add a hide attribute to the price element.
  3. Set the value of the hide attribute to the text you want to display instead of the price. For example:

<price hide="MAP">100</price>

This will display "MAP" instead of the price and effectively hide the price from being displayed.

You can find the complete XML V2 specification here.

For XML V1 Specification:

  1. In your XML feed, locate the product element.
  2. Inside the product element, if you want to hide your price, add a new map element with the text "yes" inside. Example: <map>yes</map>.
  3. If you include this, your price will be hidden, and "MAP" will be displayed instead. If you omit this element or leave it empty, the price will be shown.

The complete XML V1 specification is available here. However, please consider migrating to the new V2 specification as V1 is deprecated.