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Blackhawk Close Quarters Concealment Holster For Glock Model

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$31.22-$7.77 per order
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Price: $12.99
@Lucky Gunner

Holster- Outside The Waistband- Blackhawk Serpa CQC- Right Hand- Glock 19/23/32- 1- $12.99 Blackhawk! holsters are quickly becoming an industry favorite among law enforcement professionals and serious shooters. Blackhawk's Serpa Close Quarters Concealment (CQC) holsters are trusted by serious shooters as the perfect retention holster for concealed carry ensuring the the weapon doesn't accidentally leave its holster. The SERPA CQC retains a firearm with its patented SERPA Technology lockā„¢. This lock automatically engages the trigger guard upon holstering your pistol and will not let go until you release it.
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@Lucky Gunner

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