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LMT Defender-L 5.56 Rifle + 16" MRP 300 BLK Barrel COMBO
LMT is a renowned firearms manufacturer that has been pushing the boundaries of the industry for over 35 years. The Defender-L 5.56 is a true testament to their commitment to quality and innovation.

This rifle is LMT's entry-level model designed to provide new customers with access to the superior quality and attention to detail that LMT is known for. In the past, LMT has produced high-priced firearms due to the quality and precision put into every rifle, but with the Defender-L, LMT has made a rifle that is more affordable for those new to the LMT family.

The Defender-L 5.56 is the descendant of the Defender 2000, the first model in the MRP® family. LMT has a long history of innovation and customization, and the Defender 2000 paved the way for the many customizable rifles LMT produces today.

This rifle boasts a range of impressive features that set it apart from other firearms on the market. It features a monolithic rail platform that provides superior accuracy and reliability and has been tested by military and law enforcement personnel around the world.

With the Defender-L 5.56, LMT has delivered a rifle that is built to withstand the rigors of any environment. The attention to detail and quality of construction are evident throughout this rifle. Like all LMT products, the Defender-L 5.56 is a rifle that you can rely on, no matter the situation.

At KYGUNCO, we are proud to offer the LMT Defender-L 5.56 rifle to our customers. For those looking to invest in a high-quality firearm at an affordable price, look no further than the Defender-L. As always, our team is here to answer any questions and provide expert advice on your next firearm purchase.


Rifling Twist Rate 1:7"
Caliber 5.56×45
Color Black
Handguard Style MLOK – Carbine Length
Magazine Capacity 30 Rounds
Operating Method Direct Impingement
Selector Safe/Semi
Trigger Single Stage
LMT MRP 16" Chrome LIned 1:7" Twist 300 Blk Barrel
The LMT 16″ 300 Blackout barrel is designed specifically for the LMT monolithic receiver, ensuring perfect compatibility and optimal performance.

Featuring a 16-inch length and a chrome-lined bore with a 1:7″ right-hand twist, the LMT 300 Blackout barrel is engineered to deliver exceptional accuracy and reliability. Whether you're engaging targets in close quarters or shooting at extended ranges, this barrel is up to the task.

The barrel's low-profile gas block, paired with a pistol-length straight gas tube, ensures efficient and reliable cycling. Additionally, the inclusion of an A2 birdcage significantly reduces muzzle flash, helping to maintain your focus and conceal your position.

Crafted with longevity in mind, the LMT 16″ 300 Blackout barrel undergoes a meticulous coating and cryogenic treatment process. This treatment enhances its durability, making it capable of withstanding the harshest of conditions and maintaining optimal performance over time.

To ensure consistent quality, every LMT barrel is tested for both function and accuracy before undergoing a thorough inspection and cleaning process. This rigorous quality control ensures that you receive a barrel that meets the highest standards and exceeds your expectations.

Make the most of your LMT monolithic receiver with the LMT 16″ 300 Blackout barrel, available at KYGUNCO. Enhance your shooting experience with a barrel that delivers exceptional accuracy, reliability, and durability in every shot.


Weight 2.264 lbs
Barrel Material Chrome
Operating Method Direct Impingement
Rifling Twist Rate 1:7"
Barrel Caliber 300 BLK
Model Defender-L
Caliber 5.56 NATO
Action Semi-Auto

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You’d think that for an $1800 AR they could have included a stock that cost more than $5.00 and had a qd socket. Heck add a B5 or MOE and charge $50.00 more and at this price point buyers wouldn’t even blink.

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0 votes

They should’ve added a 9 or 10 inch barrel for 300 blackout.

0 votes
0 votes
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