Update on Kel-Tec's KSG Dual Tube Pump Shotgun - Shipping this Week - New Video by Oleg Volk

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Update - December 20th - Oleg Volk has uploaded a new video of Keltec KSG 12ga shotgun in action (load, fire, switch).

Update - December 14th - A member of the KTOG forum know as ktwm (Kel-Tec's engineer) has confirmed that the first shipment of KSG Shotguns is going to happen just before they close down the shop for the Christmas Holidays on December 23rd.

Most of our previous information regarding the KSG shotgun came from ktwm and it always turned out to be correct. If you would like to stay updated on Kel-Tec's new products we recommend that you check out ktwm's forum posts here.
In the mean time, check out this Kel-Tec KSG review by Truth about Guns.

From the KTOG forum, it is only a rumor and it is not an official word from Kel-Tec. KTOG forum member Narsil wrote "I finally picked up an RFB today at the B & H Gunrack in Cocoa which is 20 minutes away from the Kel-Tec mothership. I headed straight to the mothership after leaving the B & H to pick up a couple accessories. I bought the tactical operating handle and the muzzle brake. I asked if one of their techs could swap the brake for the stock flash hider since I'd rather not have to mess with it (and it turned out that I'm glad I didn't) and I was willing to pay a service fee for them to do it. They swapped it out for me at no charge (turns out mine was on exceptionally tight and it took three guys to get it off) and when Chad brought my RFB out, he brought out his KSG with him.
He confirmed that it was a production model and I got to play with it for a few minutes, unfortunately he didn't offer to let me shoot it. It cycled beautifully smoothly and had a very crisp trigger, especially for a bullpup. If you've fired or dryfired an RFB, you know how nice Kel-Tec's bullpup triggers are. It's no custom two-stage match trigger but it is worlds better than an AUG, MSAR, or P90's long, mushy, spongy trigger. Not having gotten to fire it, it seems to be everything I was hoping it would be and I will definitely be looking to get one; I don't mind having first-gen teething problems.
When I asked him about expected release dates, he said that they were already producing them and were trying to get more stock ready for this release than previous release dates where only a few people seemed to get one and everybody else was screaming, "Where's my PF9/RFB/PMR30??" He said they expected to release them before Kel-Tec shuts down for Christmas.
Here's to hoping they succeed and there's plenty of stock available at Christmas! "

Kel-Tec will be completely shut down for two weeks over the Holidays. This year will be from 12/24/11-1/08/12, returning to work January 9th.

07-11-2011 - KSG UPDATE II - Hello from Kel-Tec. We have been receiving an abnormally large number of calls pertaining specifically to seeing the KSG for sale on sites like Gunbroker.com. The bottom line is this: they are hoaxes. Kel-Tec has not shipped any weapons that are allowed to be sold. Up until this point all weapons shipped are for testing and evaluation purposes only and any testers caught selling a testing weapon will be dealt with on our end.

We have personally investigated all instances of KSGs being sold online and have deemed them all to be untrue. We caution the public to be wary of these sales as they do not have the product to provide to the winner of these auctions.

When the KSG starts shipping to distributors for resale we will make an announcement here on the site to let everyone know.

KSG Update - 06-17-2011 - Hello from Kel-Tec! We have been receiving numerous inquiries on the status of the KSG, so we felt an update was necessary. There had been some rumors that we had stopped production on the KSG, which we'd like to quell right now. The KSG is in early production at the moment with small runs going out for testing and evaluation. Things are moving along nicely here in regards to getting the KSG out on time. We are confident that the KSG will be shipping in full quantities by year's end as previously anticipated. We appreciate everyone's interest in this phenomenal shotgun design! If there are any changes we will be sure to post them here on the News section.

Updated post with a new video below - Update 2/16/2011 - Kel-Tec's employee reports on KTOG forums that 3" feeding is a go. "It's official, production KSG's will feed and function with 3" rounds. It was something we were working on, and we got it to work....BTW 3" magnum rounds are NOT FUN AT ALL to shoot, but if you are a masochist, you can shoot 13 in a row with the new KSG's. This means the KSG is now technically a 6+6+1 gun, and the grip will say 3" on the side. It will of course still hold 7+7+1 of 2-3/4" shells. The ejection port had to be opened up some, and the ejector modified, but not much else was changed. I'm sure there will still be info in magazines coming out that may still say that it only feeds 2-3/4" shells, but rest assured, that is old info". Source

Update 1/31/2011 - As was said before. one of the reasons that we announce and show a model many months before it will be shipped is so that we can incorporate suggestions from potential users into the production models. We had a good number of suggestions that will help make the KSG a great product.

1. Trigger reset. This will be adjusted in the production model so that you can hold the trigger down, pump back and forward, release, and then re-pull the trigger to fire the next round. No worrying about the trigger going dead, and no Pump-firing if you hold the trigger down.
2. Pump lock switch. A new latch button is in the works that will allow the trigger finger to activate the pump lock without reaching in front of the trigger guard, and potentially getting pinched by the pump. Only the KSG in the law enforcement booth had a similar latch button, made out of welded steel, but the production model will be a polymer button pinned to the steel.
3. a removable rail mounted hand-stop will be available (and probably included) to help alleviate fears of sliding your hand too far forward in front of the barrel.
4. indicator holes in the top of the magazine tubes so you can visually see when you have 0, 1, or 2 rounds left in a tube.
The following are accessories that will likely be offered after KSG production ramps up.
1. Extended butt pads. This would be similar to the SU-16 extended pad. Remove some screws and replace the existing pad with the thicker pad.
2. Choke adapter. remove the end muzzle nut, and replace with the choke adapter. this will extend a few inches in front of the existing barrel.
3. breacher attachment. Similar to the choke adapter, just designed for LE use as a door breacher.
4. Single point sling mount.

The other common suggestion was to swap the way the safety works, but this is unlikely to happen do to the nature of the bullpup style trigger mechanism in the KSG. The KSG is designed to use the thumb to push the safety from left to right in order to enable the gun to fire. Other shotguns have the safety near the trigger and use the trigger finger to push the safety from right to left to enable them to fire. perhaps a reverse safety could be an accessory in the future.

ktwm, Grand Poobah is Kel-Tec's employee. Source and more info http://www.ktog.org/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1296065107


Update 1/12/11 Looks like that the official MSRP is going to be $880, or $80 more than previously announced.

Update 1/11/11 Kel-Tec posted a KSG Test Video on Youtube At the end of the video they used 2 3/4" Magnum load.

Update 1/4/11 - From Kel-Tec's website

The time for secrecy is nearing its end. This SHOT Show, Kel-Tec will be revealing its next ground-breaking product: the KSG (Kel-Tec Shotgun).
The KSG is our first entry into the shotgun market. The size, shape and design are similar to the currently available Kel-Tec RFB rifle, but the KSG ejects downward, instead of forward.

The KSG weighs 6.9lbs and is as compact as legally possible with a 26.1" overall length and an 18.5" cylinder bore barrel. Even with this compact size, the internal dual tube magazines hold an impressive 14 rounds of 12 gage 2-3/4" rounds (7 per tube). The simple and reliable pump action feeds from either the left or right tube. The feed side is manually selected by a lever located behind the trigger guard. The lever can be positioned in the center detent in order to easily clear the chamber without feeding another round from either magazine. A cross bolt style safety blocks the sear, and the pump release lever is located in front of the trigger guard.

The pump includes an under Picatinny rail for the mounting of a forward grip, or a light or laser. The included top Picatinny sight rail will accept many types of optics or iron sights. Forward and rear sling loops are built in, and a basic sling is included. The soft rubber butt pad helps to tame recoil.

MSRP has not been officially been set, but we are looking at the $800.00 range.

Update 1/3/11 - Kel-Tec’s newest revolutionary bull-pup design was announced over the weekend on the cover of the NSSF’s Shooting Industry magazine. Details of the new shotgun are sketchy, but presumably all will be made known at the upcoming NSSF SHOT Show.
The shotgun bears a stunning resemblance to the South African designed Neostead pump action scattergun. The operator is able to move a switch located near the top of the grip to select the right or left tube, or move the switch to the center to eject a shell without chambering another round. The bull-pup design results in an overall length of only 26″ with an 18.5″ barrel while the bottom eject design makes the firearm truly ambidextrous.
Shown next to the box of slugs in the photo to the left, you truly begin to get a sense of scale. The bull-pup design of the KSG makes it ideal for home defense and CQB. The incredibly short overall length makes it more nimble than a sawed off shotgun, and with a 14+1 capacity you don’t sacrifice ammunition capacity to get a shotty in a small package.
Ammunition capacity is 14+1 with 2 3/4″ shells. The KSG is shown with a factory installed Picatinny rail with flip up sights and a pistol grip. MSRP is not known at the moment, nor is there an expected date of availability. Source: Cheaper than Dirt Blog

how about an FAQ (since the other thread is acting up)

I will continue to update this post as questions get answered.

Kel-Tec KSG bullpup Shotgun
-Available 2011
-MSRP not yet set
-Yes, it's civilian legal (18.5" barrel, 26" OAL), identical size to the RFB, just a little wider.
-Cylinder bore, feeds 12 gage-2.75", 14+1 rounds.
-manually switched dual-tube mag (7 rounds each mag), switch is behind the grip, at the front of the loading/ejection opening. Switch can be centered to un-chamber a round without re-chambering.
-bottom ejecting and loading

-18.5" barrel
-26.1" Overall Length
-6.9" height
-3" Width (at pump)
-13" Length of pull (1" shorter than RFB)
-14+1 capacity (7 per mag tube)
-6.9lbs empty weight
-8.5lbs loaded weight (buck shot I believe)

Questions answered:
-What happens when one tube is empty, does it automatically switch to the other?
No auto switching, you have to manually switch when one tube is empty.

-Why pump, and not semi-auto?
This is Kel-Tec's first shotgun, it makes sense to start with a pump first. Most semi-auto designs started as pumps. A pump is also legal in California and many other states that have gun bans.

-Can it accept chokes?
no, not currently. but barrels can be changed fairly easily, so perhaps in the future.

-How do you load each tube?
similar to other shotguns, but to make it easier, you can use gravity to help. If you want to load the right tube, switch the selector to the right, point the gun down and tilt it to the right. This makes the shells naturally point towards the right mag tube. Then just push each round in the tube until it clicks past the stop. With a little practice, you can do it without looking. To load the Left tube, move the switch to the left and tilt the gun to the let and load.

Description of design/controls:
-Square button above trigger guard is the safety (cross-bolt style)
-Lever n Front of the trigger guard is the pump latch. pull down to unlock and allow un-chambering or cycling without dropping the hammer (dropping the hammer automatically unlocks the pump in order the chamber the next round)
-Lever at front end of the ejection/loading port is the magazine selector. Left/Center/Right. Center position blocks both mags so you can un-chamber a round and not chamber a new one.
-2 assembly pins hold the grip on, they are retained by a spring clip in the pin. when they are removed they can be stored in the 2 holes in the grip.
-bolt is locked with a toggle-lock into the barrel extension. ejection/feeding is also similar to most shotguns with a fork like elevator/ejector
-carrier is attached to the pump via dual action rods

Info taken from http://www.ktog.org/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1294097299

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The distributor price of the

The distributor price of the KSG has been increased due to this likely ban. If the threat of a ban is removed, the price will come back down to normal levels.

this is from keltec website. What i want to know is why does a ban increase production price of weapon???? its not EVEN ban just threat of ban increases price why??

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I'd kind of like to see this

I'd kind of like to see this done as a pump/semi combo - kind of like the SPAS-12. Assuming it could be done well that is..

I don't really know anything about the internals of this thing, so I'm not sure how that'd work, but it'd be nice..it'd also make it more versatile; you could have it run semi-auto, plus still be able to use it to cycle Less Lethal (in pump mode).

As unique as it is already, I definitely think it would sell. Probably wouldn't help the price any though :)

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2 votes

I bet the KSG has a much

I bet the KSG has a much smoother trigger than the Neostead

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2 votes

This is just a rip off of the

This is just a rip off of the South African Neostead...

2 votes
0 votes

What was updated? Nothing

What was updated? Nothing changed in the post....

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0 votes

Will this gun be CA legal?

Will this gun be CA legal?

1 vote
0 votes

It should be legal in

It should be legal in California once it gets on the list.

-Why pump, and not semi-auto?
This is Kel-Tec's first shotgun, it makes sense to start with a pump first. Most semi-auto designs started as pumps. A pump is also legal in California and many other states that have gun bans.

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seen these on pre order for

seen these on pre order for sale for 567.00 but sold out already

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0 votes

I have a friend who was at

I have a friend who was at SHOT and said Kel-Tec said they may be shipping in October. I don't think I'd pre-order something that may be available in 9 months... who knows what the actual cost will be?

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0 votes

samham, can you post where?

samham, can you post where?

2 votes
0 votes

This is the only place I

This is the only place I could find them on preorder, however its sold out. With that said, it still lists their future prices, and for 100 bucks less, it might be worth it to get that VIP membership. Anyone have a VIP to this site or can speak on its value?

687 vs 579


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No way I would get that

No way I would get that membership. Their prices are too high anyways, and the membership just brings them down to normal prices, but why pay membership feees? At least Amazon offers free 2 day shipping for its members so it pays off quickly.

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I like. A lot. But one huge

I like. A lot. But one huge question/caveat... are the mag tubes selectable? Can you switch from LTL in tube 1 over to Slug in tube 2? It LOOKS like you can - and if you can that is a HUGE selling point...

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answer is yes.

answer is yes.

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0 votes

I have to admit, not too many

I have to admit, not too many shotguns get me excited, but this one looks great and truly Tacti-COOL!
Thanks for the post Mark

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0 votes

Pictures from KTOG Forum by

Pictures from KTOG Forum by Oleg_Volk http://www.ktog.org/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1294032677

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