Description Guntec ar308 fake suppressor 5.5" 5/8x24 threads black Other Features: 5/8x24 reverse threads slip over style
UPC#: 714569649470

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Must be a completely form-based decision, as I can only find negatives for the function side of this purchase - no longer able to mount a flash hider/compensator/real suppressor, added weight at the end of the barrel for no practical purpose, and spending money on something that offers no sound/flash/recoil reduction.

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From what I've read, they're training aids. For instance, CQ room clearing so one doesn't destroy an expensive suppressor.

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I'd hope your suppressor could withstand possibly banging off some Home Depot drywall in mock up CQB room clearing exercises.
..and unless it's an AK, you're not likely to see many .308 rifles used for that role.

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Shhh. Don’t tell them that lol. Let them keep buying a FAKE surpressor and complain that it doesn’t do anything lol. Next they will buy rubber ammo and complain it didn’t stop an intruder. People are my entertainment these days.

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"Hey! Got me a silencer! Look at me now!"

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