- Series/Collection: GSG-16
- Action: Semi-Automatic
- Stock Type: Collapsible
- Muzzle Type: Faux Suppressor
- Magazine Capacity: 22+1
- Caliber/Gauge: 22 LR
- Orientation: Right
- Safety: Ambidextrous
- Sight: Quick Acquisition Front and Rear
- Receiver Material: Polymer
- Barrel Finish: Black
- Stock Finish: Black
- Barrel Length: 16-1/4"
- Overall Length: 28-1/2" (Collapsed), 34-1/4" (Extended)
New for 2019, the GSG-16 22 LR rifle. This light weight, tactical style 22 LR caliber rifle is every plinking master's dream come true. Based off of the classic GSG 22 caliber rifle operating system, the GSG-16 features several enhancements to give it a dashing new look for the next generation of shooters. The GSG-16 features a newly designed collapsable stock that also serves as an additional magazine storage compartment for either high or low capacity magazines. The re-designed forend features a MLOK style hand guard. The cocking tube assembly features an ambidextrous charging handle so you can switch up charging rounds to meet your comfort style. Finally, the redesigned front and rear sight have been simplified and streamlined to give the shooter faster target acquisition over previous GSG models. Whether you're just starting out fresh, or dusting off your old GSG mags to throw some lead down range, the GSG-16 is a fun and affordable 22 LR gun that deserves a spot in your collection today.
- 22 LR (high velocity recommended, 1260 fps recommended)
- Collapsible stock with extra magazine storage compartment
- Ambidextrous charging handle
MPN#: 795435

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its a little tack driver for the price... and yea a few ftf's... but its fun!

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Bought this gun last year for 240 from online seller who put on stock and forgot to change the price minutes after i ordered they raised it to 340 they honored my order and shipped it for what i paid it's not a bad gun light weight and looks cool in my opinion i had FTF here and there but i only shoot cheap 22lr ,fun range toy for budget fun shooting but I won't pay this pride it's a 250 kinda gun

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0 votes

eh new design looks better, but still a 229.00 gun being sold for way too much.

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0 votes

Man am I kicking myself for selling of the GSG-5SD 1st anniversary edition rifle I bought shortly after they came to market. It had the bigger round foregrip and fake can. Also had the "titanium" colored finish. That model also had metal upper and lower with a front side charging handle. Such a badass little plinker. Quite accurate with the red dot optic I had mounted. This was all pre-lawsuit from H&K. That model now if you can find one sells for big bucks! Even back then I paid almost $500 for it but would gladly pay that for another identical model. Now they are covered and made out of plastic and the look is completely different. I also have heard these models post lawsuit have serious reliability issues. The only complaint I had with mine was they got dirty real quick and I came home, disassembled it, then using regular gun cleaner sprayed the parts and let sit on a towel. 5 minutes later I went to pick the parts up to wipe clean and to my horror the "titanium"finish was stuck to the towel and wiped right off! The cleaner also melted the plastic fore grip and grip..Apparently the company had not tested with U.S. solvents and gun cleaners. Overseas they only have much less aggressive cleaners is what I was told. I sent the gun to them after they sent me a paid shipping label and 7 days later they sent it back with all new parts and a new, more heavy duty finish. They told me it was my experience that they had to refinish hundreds of in stock parts as well as change the formula from then on. For my troubles they sent me 4 extra mags, flip up sights and a hat! Wish other companies stepped up like that when they drop the ball.
I was going thru a separation and a financial situation requiring me to sell some guns... it was one of them and I wish now I had it.
P.S. I think this was around 2005.

1 vote
0 votes
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