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SKU: 5165447656
UPC: 020892225008
MFR#: USA556L1
- Product Family: USA White Box
- Caliber: 5.56 NATO
- Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket
- Bullet Weight: 55 Grain
- Rounds per Box: 150 Rounds
Winchester White Box centerfire rifle ammunition is backed by generations of excellence.  This 5.56 NATO round features a 55 grain Full Metal Jacket projectile and is loaded with high-quality Winchester primers, powders, and brass cases.  Winchester White Box cartridges are engineered to deliver uniform accuracy at a low cost without sacrificing quality, making this ammunition ideal for range and other practice applications. Ammunition is packaged 150 rounds per box.
SKU: 5165447656

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I emailed them yesterday afternoon and they replied saying they never had free shipping on this ammo. They did however tell me to check back today and they have 420rds for $129 and free shipping!!!!!

12900/420 =30.7 cpr, this isn't a deal. Not long ago they had those 420 packs for $119 shipped. For bulk xm193 30 cpr is the most you should be willing to pay.

$75 shipping no buy

$15 shipping is a deal killer

Order 2 or more boxes and free shipping:)

Let me have a hit on that bong when you are done...
2 boxes-Ground $12.00

I just checked again and your 100% right.
I shit you not, I ordered it as soon as I saw it and it and It did say free shipping, but qty 2 had to be ordered. dochecchecked my receipt
I just checked my receipt
I just double checked and now it’s $19

Glad you got FS. I tried 3 and it said $16. Then I tried like you said, 2, but still $12. Would have ordered 3 but I will wait for the next deal to come along. Nothing to be sorry for. Just a website glitch. :)

Sorry guys, it did say that! Guess it’s time to pass that bong!

You better chill-out dealing with PSA!!! I have purchased many items from them. They have deals like this all the time. But you better be ready to order because they will be out of stock or change the deal.
Thanks for posting, glad you got the deal.

How do you get free shipping?

I'm not seeing free shipping an any number of boxes up to 10.

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