MMC Combos VISM NIJ Level 3 Ballistic Hard Panel x2
+ VISM Plate Carrier Tan

VISM NIJ Level 3 Ballistic Hard Panel x2

NcSTAR has received its first NIJ Certified body armor plate, the VISM Level III 10x12 Ballistic Plate. This plate has undergone the rigorous testing process of the National Institute of Justice, and has been certified under NIJ-0101.06.

Constructed of 3 layers: the main layer is Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), a special foam core that disperses energy, and a third layer of UHMWPE to sandwich the inner core.
Each plate weighs only 3.3 pounds to reduce fatigue.
The curved design provides a contouring comfortable fit, with upper corners cut (STR's cut) for maximum mobility.
The plate is also fully sealed to protect against liquids, chemicals, and other harsh elements.
The VISM Level III 10x12 Ballistic Plate will make the perfect addition to your VISM Plate Carrier.
10 Year Warranty
Assembled in the USA
VISM Plate Carrier Tan

The NcSTAR VISM Adjustable Plate Carrier is a step up from their more basic model. It adds a fully adjustable cummerbund with 3 rows of PALs for side-mounted pouches. Cummerbund mounted pouches can be very useful for communications or first aid setups, plus it gives additional real estate for magazines on the non-dominant side. This cummerbund also allows for the addition of side armor plates, up to a size of 6"x8" (not included). Just like the basic VISM carrier, this carrier has a heavy duty drag handle on the back for transportation, but this model adds D-rings to the front for additional attachment. Shoulder straps are fully adjustable, matching the wearerís height, and the cummerbund adjustment allows up to 2XL sizing. The front flap is the perfect size for a triple magazine shingle or a dual shingle with pistol magazine pouches. Overall, this is a good entry-level plate carrier that is a meaningful step up compared to a more basic model. We offer this plate carrier in two color options: black and tan. You are currently viewing the tan carrier option.

PALS Webbing for Easy Configuration.
Removable Shoulder Pads with PALS Webbing
Fully Adjustable Shoulder Straps.
Durable Drag Strap on back and Heavy Duty D rings on the front
Cummerbund is adjustable for length. Eyelets and adjustable Bungee cord in the back.
Accepts Front & Back plates up to 10" x 13" & Side Plates up to 6" x 8"

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Expiration date 2025-Jun-26 Report
Expiration date Unknown Report

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This whole kit is as much as 1 multi curve Lv4 plate by itself in most places. It also weighs about as much as that 1 Lv4 plate.

For home defense where you might face pistol calibers or rifle calibers out of pistol-length barrels (slower rounds), this might be a quick option to throw on.

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Idk about the plate carrier quality but the plates are hard to beat,especially at this price.these were the first plates I ever bought.I later replaced these plates with lvl 3+ plates that are capable of stopping 5.56 green tip but for the extremely lightweight and lvl 3 NIJ certified protection,these are a real bargain.I bought the plates alone for a little over $200 each.if you want a little rifle ballistic protect,are on a tight budget,want NIJ certified plates and don’t want to lug around similarly priced steel plates that weight twice as much/or ceramic plates that weight twice as much and cost twice as much,you should check these out…LAPG also has some low priced,fairly lightweight ceramic plates that are pretty cheap in price.for the price they are pretty damn good but when they are shot,a good bit of the ceramic will come out through the bullet’s entry point.while they are heavier than these VISM plates they are available in lvl 4 and are capable of stopping faster and more powerful rounds.the material these VISM plates are made of is regularly used in most lightweight lvl 3 and is regularly used in lvl 4 ceramic plates as a backer to the is an impressive material but it’s not idea for high velocity rounds,especially armor piercing green tip or similar rounds as they will go straight through this like a hot knife in butter

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I agree 100% and your story matches mine,these were my first plates as well and I too upgraded to lvl 3+ that stop green a defensive situation,I’m gonna be shooting green tips,soft tips or hollow points.I’m sure many others would be doing the same so I wanted something that could stop that threat..I also paid around $200 a piece for mine VISM lvl 3 because considering the light weight and the NIJ certification,$200 a piece was worth that price to this price,it is a great deal

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lol .... it appears you replied to yourself. That would explain why you 100% agree and have matching stories, with yourself. :D

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