Upgraded version of the WWII Classic. Features a 5 inch barrel, brown checkered plastic grips, a dark gray cerakote finish, and comes with two 8-round magazines. Firearm Features Hammer Forged Slide, Barrel, and Frame Cerakote Finish Flay Mainspring Housing Series 70 Internals Flared and Lowered Ejection Port

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my first 1911 wanted to have one and cant spend $1000 + paid $319 all black, has model 70 insides whatever that means. I was very surprised at the quality of this pistol. you get way more gun for the money then expected, fires and shoots perfectly, smooth recoil and trigger. I'm no 1911 expert and honestly have only ran around 100 rounds thru mine and its solid, my son bought one too and loves it, the sights do leave a lot to be desired but oh well its a fun pistol, how is it after a thousands of rounds ? well honestly I don't know, and doubt I will ever put that many rounds thru it as I don't carry it,i use my shield or glock for EDC

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