Originally introduced into the Swiss Army in 1890, the Model 1889 with a 12 round, box magazine capacity was eagerly accepted into service by Swiss soldiers. The Model 1889 had twice the range and was far more accurate than the older black powder Vetterli. This rifle is equipped to be fitted with the Model 1889 bayonet.Total Schmidt Rubin Model 1889 rifles produced: approx. 212,00. The overall condition of these rifles is very nice and the bores have been remarkable. It always amazes me to see the workmanship in these early guns and the Swiss have by far the best examples.

This rifle originally fired a black powder based centerfire cartridge that is slightly shorter than the modern 7.5x55 ammunition. Bolt is not made to withstand the high pressure generated by modern cartridges but many handloaders are still making their own ammunition and claim amazing accuracy with this weapon.

Notice: Do NOT load 7.5x55/GP11 ammo into this rifle and fire! It is UNSAFE!

Due to its age this rifle is considered an Antique Firearm and No FFL Is Required for Purchase.

SPECIFICATIONS: Overall Length: 51.25"; Barrel: 30.7"; Weight, Unloaded w/out Bayonet: 10.69 lbs; Action: Schmidt Rubin straight pull; Caliber: 7.5 x 53.5 mm Swiss; Sight Type: Quadrant sight graduated to 2000 meters; No FFL required for the purchase of antique firearms. The purchase of this item requires the purchaser to be at least 21 years of age or older.
Product Specs
Overall Length: 51.25"
Barrel: 30.7"
Weight, Unloaded w/out Bayonet: 10.69 lbs
Action: Schmidt Rubin straight pull
Caliber: 7.5 x 53.5 mm Swiss
Sight Type: Quadrant sight graduated to 2000 meters
Bluing: Exceeds 90%

Country of Manufacture Switzerland
License Requirement None
Manufacturer Schmidt Rubin
Mfg. Part Number SR-1889-PW
Caliber/Gauge 7.5x53.5
Action Bolt Action
Barrel Length 30.7
Condition Surplus / Used
Item #: Swiss-SR-1889-ANTIQUE
MPN: SR-1889-PW

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I would go with any Schmidt Rubin except this one unless you like to hand load ammo. Takes the same 7.5x55 ammo but the pressure threshold is halved so you have to hand load the powder like you would a 7.62 sub sonic round.

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Wow prices have increased. Of course the last time I had one was 20ish years ago. I traded it for a 1909 Argentine Mauser because it was consecutive serial numbers to one I already had. Those Schmidts are very interesting though.

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It's a shame you can't trust Classic's condition grading or all. Both me and my buddies have been burned too many times to ever risk the garbage these guys "select pick".

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I have a Rubin that was handed down to me. It is just awesome. If you ever get the chance to shoot one, take full advantage of it.

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