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American Made Steel: All Dragon Brand shooting targets are made right here in the USA from high quality and durable AR500 steel. Our metal targets for shooting high caliber ammo can be flipped from side to side to protect against premature pitting and with proper use and care, they will last a lifetime.
Eliminates Glare: We have your AR500 target solution with non-reflective matte white paint for maximum visibility and to minimize glare for the shooter. Each Dragon gong target can also easily be repainted after the original paint is knocked off.
Laser Cut: Dragon Targets are your go to metal shooting targets for the range made with a Mitsubishi CNC laser cutter for maximum precision. We use a laser cut because the heat from other cutters (such as plasma) causes the strength of other steel range targets to diminish prematurely.
Hear Every Hit: When our ar500 steel targets are hit, they make a loud ‘dinging’ noise that lets the shooter know they are on point during shooting practice. This eliminates the need to walk downrange to check for strikes and allows for more rounds to be shot in one session.
Safety First: All safety protocols and guidelines should be strictly adhered to when target shooting. Once you switch from paper to steel, you will never want to go back! Why shoot a target, when you can shoot a Dragon?

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Hey, just spotted these steel targets and they look pretty solid! Anyone here tried 'em out yet? How do they hold up against the big calibers, and is that ‘ding’ as satisfying as they say?

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I've been using a couple of these for over a year now and they've held up well

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