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SB PDW Adjustable Pistol Stabilizing Brace FDE

Helps You Control Your AR Pistol Just Like the Original "Brace"; Adjustable Length To Fit Different Shooters

SB Tactical's SBPDW Adjustable Pistol Stabilizing Brace adds a new dimension to "The Brace" - three-position length adjustment. Just like the original brace, the SBPDW can be strapped comfortably around your forearm to give you better control of your AR-15 pistol so you can shoot it more accurately one-handed. (Helps prevent fatigue during long range sessions, too.)

Also like the original, the SB Tactical SBPDW Adjustable Pistol Stabilizing Brace can shouldered like a traditional stock for a third point of contact to stabilize the pistol when taking fast shots. And the adjustable length lets you set up a fit that's just right for you.

- 3 pre-set length positions
- Pistol buffer tube is built in
- Compatible with M4-carbine type buffer and standard mil-spec bolt/carrier group
- Nylon strap adjusts for comfortable, custom fit

The SB Tactical SBPDW Adjustable Pistol Stabilizing Brace helps you get maximum enjoyment from shooting your AR-15 pistol.


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I agree they missed the price point... I can get a more comfortable stock and pay the tax stamp. I think at 100 to 120 more people may go the pistol route

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Of all the pistol braces I've seen, this is the best looking. For over $200, I'd rather just get another tax stamp.

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0 votes

I agree. I really want to build a pistol but at this price point, I'd pay the tax stamp and wait it out. Worst case is I build a pistol and consider this brace if I get denied.

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0 votes

If you can buy a gun, and live in most states you will not be denied. As long as manufacturing an SBR is legal where you live, you can be approved for a stamp. The same holds true for silencer ownership, if civilians can own them in your state and you can legally purchase a firearm within your local laws, you will be approved. (Assuming you fill out the paperwork correctly and get fingerprinted correctly)

1 vote
0 votes

Here in WA State citizens cannot manufacture their own SBRs. I either have to buy a built SBR from a dealer, or go the pistol route.

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0 votes

Out of stock

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