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Savior Equipment Specialty Series Covert Discreet Low Profile Short Rifle Bag Soft Case in 30" or 34"

What’s Included
1 x Covert Discreet Rifle Soft Case of Your Choice

Product Features

Specialist - Covert
Seemly designed with a muted exterior, this bag strategically arranged to store and secure your favorite shorty.

Custom Build
Bug-out bag, truck gun bag, or range bag; the options are endless. However you use it, know what you store is protected.

Muted Exterior
A toned-down exterior doesn't mean a useless one. Quickly draw a firearm or just some range day snacks from the hidden pocket.

Remain Prepared
Throw in what you couldn't before with a handy top pocket & roomy bottom pocket with inner mesh pockets & molle panel.

You can carry this bag with multiple options such as padded mesh backpack straps that can be fully hidden, and the padded drag handles.

Technical Specifications

30" Measurement
Full Size | 30" x 13" x 5"
Internal Size | 29.5" x 12.5" x 3"
Top Pocket | 7.25" x 7"
Bottom Pocket | 19" x 11"
Concealed Pocket | 16.75" x 9"

34" Measurement
Full Size | 33.5" x 13" x 5"
Internal Size | 33" x 12.5" x 3"
Top Pocket | 9.25" x 7"
Bottom Pocket | 21" x 11"
Concealed Pocket | 19" x 9"

Case Material
600 Denier Premium PVC Shell & Interior Lining
Double-Stitched MOLLE w/ Hook & Loop Overlay
Adjustable Barrel Sleeve
Lockable Main Zippers

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Looks slick, but not 75$ slick. I might be in at 50$.

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They are slick. Holds two shorter rifles or pcc plus and a quick access pocket in the back to get at a pistol quickly. I paid around $50-$65 for mine. Its a big bookbag. Looks like a rifle case, kind of.

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