SKU DG02-51655130416
Brand Palmetto State Armory
Model Number DG02-51655130416
UPC DG02-51655130416

Model: Palmetto Dagger Full Size - S
Caliber: 9mm
Frame: Polymer, Flat Dark Earth
Grip: Ergonomic / Aggressive Texturing
Fire Control Group: Single-Action Striker-Fired / Flat Faced
Safety: Striker Block Safety & Trigger Safety

Palmetto State Armory Complete Full Size - S Dagger Frame comes completely equipped with all standard Dagger internals, including single-action striker-fired/flat-faced fire control group, slide stop lever assembly, and magazine release assembly.
**The PSA Full Size - S Dagger offers the ergonomics of a full-size frame while utilizing a compact slide. Our Full Size - S Dagger Frames are compatible with all of our Dagger Compact slides and components.
Compatible with Gen3 Glock components.

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