SKU RK01-51655128573
Brand Palmetto State Armory
Model Number RK01-51655128573

Model: PSA Full Size 5.7 Rock
Caliber: 5.7x28mm
Capacity: 23+1
Weight with Empty Mag: 25 oz
Barrel Material: Carbon Steel With QPQ Finish; Fluted
Barrel Length: 4.7"
Twist Rate: 1/9"
Slide Material: 416 Stainless Steel with QPQ Finish
Action: Delayed Blowback Striker-fired
Mag Catch: Reversible
Safety: Trigger & Striker
Accessory Rail: Picatinny
Magazine: 23rd Steel 5.7x28mm Magazine (Ships With 2)
Designed to work with Glock™ compatible sights
**While this magazine will fit in a Ruger 5.7 magwell, we cannot guarantee that they will function in a Ruger 5.7 Pistol
*Due to geometry differences, the 5.7 Rock 23 round *magazine will fit in a Ruger 5.7 Pistol as well as our 5.7 Rock pistol, however function cannot be guaranteed.
A 20 round Ruger 5.7 magazine will NOT work in a 5.7 Rock.

A full-sized polymer-framed pistol, the PSA 5.7 Rock introduces game-changing ergonomics and controllability. Made from high-quality 416 stainless steel and advanced polymers, this pistol lives up to today's highest expectations while maintaining the unmatched Palmetto State Armory value. Chambered in 5.7x28mm, the PSA 5.7 Rock is fed from a supplied 23-round magazine and operated by a smooth single-action striker-fired trigger mechanism. The carbon steel fluted barrel and RMR footprint 416 stainless steel slide have a QPQ finish for a smooth finish that also offers maximum corrosion protection to ensure longevity in the life of your pistol. This pistol is designed to work with Glock-compatible sights.
This 5.7 Rock optics-ready slide is cut for direct mount Shield footprint optics, excluding Leupold Delta Point Pro. Included are two adapter plates, one for RMR optics, and one for Docter cut optics.
Additional Features:
Ergonomic Grip Shape
Aggressive Grip Texturing
Striker Fired
Striker Block Safety and Trigger Safety
Steel 3 Dot Sights (Not Night Sights)
416 Stainless Steel Slide; QPQ Coating / Optics Ready
Fluted Carbon Steel Barrel; QPQ Coating
23rd Steel 5.7x28mm Magazine (2)
PSA Dagger Soft Pistol Case

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I would have to wait to see if this pistol is a reliable one before I even think of buying it,2nd the price is on par with the Ruger, If given the choice I would go with Ruger for sure! and another $ 400 get the Big Daddy FN 5.7 My experience with PSA and their products has not great to say the least

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This was $499 just last week. Price is trending in the wrong direction. Again, why would I buy this when I could get a trusted and established brand like Ruger for around the same price? Especially now that the 57 cartridge is losing popularity because it’s being priced too high. Doesn’t look like PSA isn’t making much of an effort to move these.

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It's been selling out within like 4 hours each time they come back in stock, but yeah, I agree. Everything is going in the wrong direction.

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Maybe if 5.7 was cheaper, it's just so damn expensive

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Drop the price well below the Ruger 57. Then I might be interested. Until then, I’d buy the Ruger.

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This is true.

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Anyone have any real life trigger time with this? My interest level has kinda perked up a little. Thanks in advance for any information you care to share.

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Yes, it's awesome. Very smooth shooter, little recoil. Trigger is like any Glock trigger. Ammo is pricey but everyone who shoots it comes away with a big smile.

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