The Primary Arms Two Point Sling is a fully adjustable tactical two point sling ready for action on your rifle, carbine, or shotgun! Made of strong polyester and featuring a 1 inch wide adjustable strap and a 1.75 inch wide x 20 inch long padded section for comfort, even when carrying heavy long guns. This tough sling features a lifetime warranty.
- Nylon Construction
- Two point configuration
- Padded
- Adjustable
- Camo
Brand: Primary Arms
Color: Camo
Material: Polyester
Mount Compatibility: 1.25 in
Padded: Padded
Type: 2-Point
MPN#: 80-00038-CAMO

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Totally agree, but at this price what else can you expect?

FYI - mil-spec monkey has some release cams that work great with these if you’re comfortable cutting/modifying the sling. I have 5 or so slings setup this way for range use. But anything I plan for actual defense purposes gets a padded VTAC sling.

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Nice I'll check that out thanks!

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Bought a bunch of these for less than $5 a pop. However, you get what you pay for. They're cheap, made in China, and likely wouldn't last if you have a heavy setup. At the price they won't be beat. But I'd probably not have bought as many if I were to do it again.

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