The Primary Arms Two Point Sling is a fully adjustable tactical two point sling ready for action on your rifle, carbine, or shotgun! Made of strong polyester and featuring a 1 inch wide adjustable strap and a 1.75 inch wide x 20 inch long padded section for comfort, even when carrying heavy long guns. This tough sling features a lifetime warranty.
Brand: Primary Arms
Color: Black
Manufacturer: Primary Arms
Material: Nylon
Padded: Padded
Type: 2-Point
Weight: 4.3 Oz
MPN#: 210042

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Great sling if you toss on a quick release cam, QD endpoints, and don’t mind cutting it up a little.

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So basically if you put in as much money and effort as it would have been to simply buy a stock magpul sling. Bold strategy Cotton.

1 vote
1 vote

Spoken like someone who’s never looked at prices for those pieces.

Here you go, Guy.

So let’s see here… $4 for the sling, $4 for the cam, around $0.50 for the extra parts, $10 for QD connectors, and a negligible amount for the paracord. Oh, let’s see… math is hard… that’s $18.50 for a sling with QDs that’s on-par with an $80 sling from BFG or Vickers…

Yeah, that sounds like the same cost as an overpriced Magpul MS# sling.

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and still you dont have a slider

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1 vote

A “slider,” as you call it, is actually called a “quick release cam,” which I referenced in my original post.

See the link in my comment above for that part.

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I agree. Great sling for the price point.

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