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Item Details
Action Type: Direct Impingement
Barrel Length: 16"
Capacity: NA
Cartridge: 223 Wylde
Finish: Black
Front Sight: NA
Length: 35"
Magazine Included: NA
Magazine Type: Removable
Muzzle: Flash Hider
Rear Sight: NA
Stock Material: Polymer
Weight: 6.5 lbs
Made in the USA
Products require a Federal Firearms License to be on file. If we don't have a FFL for you, your order will be put on hold until it is received. Please email, fax 641-623-8143 or mail a clear signed copy to: Attn: FFL Dept, 200 S. Front Street, Montezuma, IA 50171. You must be 18 years of age or older except in states that require an individual to be 21 to purchase rifles and shotguns also 21 years of age or older to purchase handguns, receivers, and suppressors.
Product currently available for Pre-Order.
Make Model
Make: FM Products
Model: FM15
Versatile Rifle with Folding Stock Functionality
The FM-15 Rifle from Foxtrot Mike (FM) Products has high end features, out of the box, at a fantastic price. The heart of the FM-15 is its proprietary bolt carrier and forward charging handle system. FM designed the lightweight bolt carrier so that the FM-15 can fire with the Magpul Zhukov stock folded or extended. The bolt carrier is not the only light component, the entire rifle weighs in at an unloaded weight of 6.5 lbs. The bolt carrier reciprocates on a unique dual nested recoil spring, which is completely retained inside the upper receiver.
The forward placed non-reciprocating charging handle interfaces with a raised portion on the gas key of the carrier. This arrangement allows for easy weapons manipulation and charging, all while retaining the firing hand on the pistol grip. The metal charging handle can be swapped to angle down or up, and also be switched to the right- or left-hand sides. The charging handle can be accessed by removing the free float handguard, unscrewing one set screw and sliding the charging handle mechanism out.
The charging handle rides above a direct impingement gas system, very similar to a standard AR-15. What is not standard about the gas system is the FM unique gas block, which indexes to the barrel with an alignment nub. The gas block is also robustly pinned in place with two coil pins to prevent any movement or gas leakage. Gas system is mid-length.
The 16 inch nitride barrel is chambered in 223 Wylde, which allows for reliability with 5.56x45 mm NATO & 223 Remington ammunition. The ultra-hard & lubricious nitride finish on the barrel aides cleaning and prevent corrosion. The barrel is capped by an A2 flash hider.

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Cool. Now do it in a short barrel 5.56/9mm and don't make it outrageously $$$..
*Also, Create a notch for the charging handle slot to pivot into and hold (MP5 style)

Just thoughts. Keep designing!

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They already have an 11.5" version of this that will be sold through AimSurplus. I'd also like to see them do something similar with 9mm but I'm not sure how likely that is in a blowback gun.

Edit: They have also said something about a 7.5" but they seem to want an exclusive retailer for it first.

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Just like any other consumer product, the manufacturer will sell the "good stuff" later.
Sell off the lesser demand items first then ramp it up.

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this looks pretty sweet. I'm supersized its exclusively through Brownells considering it looks like a competitor for the brn180. speaking of excited as I am about this I'm probably going to wait until gen2 or at least the second production batch.

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I bought one will update once it comes in

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This looks like a pretty neat design. I'm interested to see reviews from actual users about how close the charging handle is to the picatinny rail. Seems to me that it's a small handle and may create repeated opportunity to cut your hands or gloves on the handguard when charging the rifle.

I'd personally prefer something more like the Gibbz or New Frontier. If you put both of those designs together (FM-15 + Gibbz/NF side charging system), you'd essentially have the DRD Aptus - which I would prefer over the FM-15. But then the Aptus is like 2x the cost of the FM-15.

Either way, cool design and really great to see some innovation in the community.

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If you want to see a little more about it, check out brownells on YouTube. They have a video on it

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Thanks for the recommendation - did that. Was hoping for some reviews at 1000-2500 rounds to see what the personality of the rifle is. Hard to tell with folks who take it out and put a couple hundred rounds through it just for review.

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