Attach this to your AR-15 with a threaded barrel…then use a blank round to “drive” a golf ball that would make Tiger Woods, John Daly or John Rambo proud! No more hooks or slices. It basically works like the military grenade launcher, but it’s much more fun. Sturdy made of blued steel.
- Steel construction
- Threaded 1/2×28 TPI
- Powered by blank rounds (not included)
- Measures 5.2″ long
- Weighs 1 lb., 6 oz.
Weight 0.0000 oz MPN
SKU: 5174

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LOL - sold out same day it is listed? Doesn’t inspire much confidence in the trustworthiness of what is no doubt a top notch business. Why would anyone want a an AR-mounted golfball launcher that requires blanks?requiresbloperate

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The problem isn't that it uses blanks [as any sort of golf ball launcher is going to do; what did you expect?], the problem is that North China Star [remember, if you buy this, you're making Xi Jinping & his cronies in the CCP that much richer & support their goals of destroying the USA] makes no effort to assure concentricity or alignment of the threading on the mount, so the bore of the launcher isn't on axis w/ the bore of your rifle, and the ball when launched will veer off from where you thought you had it pointed...

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So what your saying is this won't be sub moa at 100 yards?

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