Product #: 641416 Manufacturer #: Schmidt Rubin K11 Carb (F-G)

The Military Surplus Swiss Model 1911 (K11) Carbine represents the transition from the long rifle version of the Model 1911 to the later K31 Carbine that comes in the 1930's. The K11 Carbine offered a much handier profile than its long rifle ancestor, coming in about 8 inches shorter and over a pound lighter. The tangent leaf sights were shortened to a 1500m adjustment from the 2000m for the rifle length, but maintained a rifle length sight radius. The K11 carbine features a 6 round box magazine designed for the 7.5x55 Swiss (GP11) cartridge, and exhibits the Schmidt-Rubin straight pull bolt action design.

Import markings are engraved, not roll stamped, so the bore was not distorted by the marking process. These markings are located on the barrel and adhere to current ATF marking requirements.

Important Notes:

These rifles and carbines are being sold as collector’s items. They have not been test fired, or inspected for safety, and are sold as-is with no warranties or other guarantees. If you plan on shooting them, please have them checked by a professional Gunsmith.
All Schmidt-Rubin orders must be placed on our website. We are unable to accept orders for firearms via phone.
Placing a gun in your cart does NOT reserve inventory. You must complete the checkout process to ensure you get the firearm you want. Some grades have an EXTREMELY LIMITED supply, so if you are interested in a SPECIFIC gun, please order quickly.
Images are representative of grading category, but are not intended to indicate every detail of every gun. Your gun may represent common variations seen in sights, safeties, etc. Slings and muzzle covers are shown in images for illustrative purposes, but were not considered as part of the grading process and may or may not be included with your gun.
All guns were painstakingly graded per the criteria shown below. They are nearly 100-year old service rifles and are sold As Is, in Used Condition, with no express or implied warranty. No handpicked option is available. Guns may not be returned after they are transferred. Guns refused at the dealer or returned due to a failed background check will incur a 10% restocking fee.
The backstory:

These guns were given to the Swiss private citizen after military service to keep for any national call-to-arms. Many were passed down as cherished family heirlooms through generations of Swiss families. MidwayUSA found an opportunity to purchase some emerging collections and now passes the opportunity to our Customers to preserve and honor the legacy of Swiss military marksmanship.

The NRA Firearm Condition Standards for guns of this era, listed below, served as our guide for grading. We made a visual inspection of the external surfaces of the firearm and checked the actions for operational status (ensuring the charging handle operates the bolt). These guns have not been disassembled or test fired so working conditions are unknown.

Fine: All original parts and configuration, or possibly a very minor alteration from original configuration that was made during the period of use. Sharp markings, only minor stock blemishes. Retains at least 90% of original finish.

Very Good to Fine: All original parts and configuration, or possibly a very minor alteration from original configuration that was made during the period of use. No corrosion or pitting, minor scratches only. Retains at least 60% of original finish.

Good to Very Good: Markings are legible. There may be replaced parts, minor repairs and light pitting. Stocks may be worn or cracked but should be serviceable. Retains at least 60% of original finish.

Fair to Good: May be well worn, showing visible repair or replacement parts, or needing adjustment or minor repair. Metal may be rusted or pitted. May have cracked or broken stocks. May retain less than 60% of original finish.

Military Surplus
warning-iconWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
Product Information
Cartridge 7.5mm Schmidt Rubin (7.5 x 55 Swiss)
Condition Fair to Good
Action Type Bolt Action
Capacity 6 Round
Weight 8.85 Pound
Barrel Length 23.3 Inches
Frame Material Steel
Frame Finish Blued
Manufacturer W+F Bern / Foxtrot
Delivery Information
Must Ship to FFL Dealer Yes
Shipping Weight 10.115 Pounds

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An awesome low recoil, fairly long ranged rifle for deer and elk. These are good up to 700-800 yards. Obviously with a good shooter, good barrel and good ammo. It would be quite fun and challenging to hunt boar with too. Basically a . 308…if you can get a good one, I'd say go for it at this price.

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I bought a fair to good condition rifle that arrived this week. The rifle has no cracks in the stock, no rust, and no pitting. It also has a great bore. I'm not sure if I just got lucky but I'm happy with the rifle.

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These are rated Fair to Good at this price. Workmanship is beautiful but probably worn and rusty. Judging from the pictures I think they are worth it, but Midway customer service has definitely taken a dive in recent years and the purchase could be risky. You might want to look at Mach1arsenal or Gunbroker for other samples.

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