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2 months ago
Historic Swiss 1911 straight pull rifle, bolt action - 7.5x55 caliber Product Specs Long Variation 7.5x55 Good Condition Some slings 30.75" BBL License Requirement Curio and Relic Manufacturer Schmidt Rubin Mfg. Part Number Swiss K1911 Rifle Caliber/Gauge 7.5x55 SKU#: LNG-K1911L-RIFLE MPN: Swiss K1911 Rifle
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3 months ago
To accommodate the new more powerful 7.5x55 cartridge, it was determined that the 89/96 could easily be converted (Model 1889s could not) to handle the new cartridge by re-barreling the rifle. 1889/96s were converted to 1896/11s by replacing or modifying the following... A new barrel was added. Already fitted to the barrel were new front and rear sights. A pistol grip was grafted onto the stock of the rifle.
96 months ago
An improvement over the original, 1889, version of the Schmidt-Rubin rifle, the Swiss M1911 placed the locking lugs in the middle of the bolt, rather than at the rear, strengthening the action and allowing a more powerful cartridge, the Gewehrpatrone 11 or GP 11 to be used. It is distinguished from the 96/11 rifle by a curved buttplate and by a stock with an integral semi-pistol grip. It uses a graduated tangent sight which begins at 300 meters. The 1911 and 96/11 rifles are characterized by exceptional accuracy and were made with excellent craftsmanship.