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ACCOMMODATE VARIOUS GUNS&PLACES: The Shotgun Hooks for most guns or swords like Rifles,Shotguns,Pistols...and can hook mounted in cabinet,office,Walls,door behind,hunting shack,Hunting blinds.
DURABLE CONSTRUCTIONS: The guns Rifle Gun hook is Sturdy enough with competitive price on gun Storage market that can hooks your weapons total of 3 rifles, shotguns, or AR's with space for optics. Engineered to mount side by side.
NO MORE "SCRATCHING" YOUR GUNS: The Gun Rack with very simple design but it's functions will beyond your expectation - made of complete sturdy iron plate and each hooks inside with soft padding to prevent your gun Rifle from scratching,slipping and moisture.
Space out the barrel & stock racks to your desired height before mounting,just remember to mount on studs & use level to ensure perfect installation.
DIY YOUR "WEAPONG ROOM": You can buy this gun rack to DIY your "weapong art wall" If you have many shotguns need to hook - Gohiking specialized in hunting like magnet gun holder,pistol holster,rifile scopes,Gun Belt...Please active to contact us if you have questions for hunting.
ASIN#: B093H1M86S

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