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SKU: 5165448274
UPC: 5165448274
MFR#: 5165448274
- Caliber: 9mm
- Capacity: 35 Rounds
Featuring a “PMX” polymer matrix construction the PSA 35 round 9mm series magazines, combine an engineered thermoplastic magazine body with inserted stainless-steel feed-lips. Providing users with improved performance and reliability.
Impact & chemical resistance engineered thermoplastic body.
Insert molded 17-4SS feed-lips
Anti-tilt self-lubricating follower.
Impact resistant floorplate with and elastomeric strike plate.
Magazine body – Custom compounded engineered Nylon
Follower – Derlin
Floorplate – Super tough Nylon
Floorplate lock – Super tough Nylon
Strike-plate – Thermoplastic Elastomer
Feed-lips- 17-4 Stainless Steel
SKU: 5165448274
UPC#: 005165448274

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What do these fit? Besides the scorpion... PSA AR-9 rifles or is it for AK weapons only?

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These DO fit the CZ Scorpion correct? Just making sure before I purchase any...

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Reviewers are saying they fit, but that LRBHO does not work. Also there’s no windows or indicator for rounds loaded in magazine, unlike the magpul mags about to be released for same msrp. I’m gonna hold off based on the reviews.

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Copied from the PSA AK-V pistol description: "U9 35 Round Patterned Magazine (Will also work in CZ Scorpion 9mm Firearms)"

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Huh oh the magpul announcement yesterday thought these were sold out hmm. psa better start blowing them out for 10 bucks.

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