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SKU: KIT-0279
(1) Magpul Gen 2 MBUS Front Back-Up Sight - MAG247
(1) Magpul Gen 2 MBUS Rear Back-Up Sight - MAG248

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Finally got around to buying these. Excellent quality and had them in my mailbox within 3 days of purchase.

For this price i imagine you are getting the all plastic chinese knock offs, not genuine Magpul. I rarely order from ebay, amazon, or other online retailers anymore, i pay more and order straight from the manufacturers website so that i know i am getting a genuine product.

This is a rather ignorant statement...they are the real deal.

This is from palmetto if you have doubts order one break it and send it back to magpul with their warranty

ummmm, no. Palmetto State Armory is an authorized magpul dealer (actually one of Magpul's largest clients, as they order 10x the amount of product for their lower build kits and parts kits than just about any retailer). Ordered from them multiple times, 100% authentic magpul sights. They've had this sale off and one for over a year

PSA has stepped up customer service over the last month to whole new level. Had an issue with a set of these Polymer cheapo’s for a run-0-the mill build and they shipped out replacement extremely quick. Never had that type of service from them before. Good chit PSA... it’s about time customer service is top priority. It sounded like they hired a calling center because the lady that answered was Murican but knew as much about arms as Hill sag does about truth

You can get this set at Amazon for $60 anytime. This is only a dollar more than PSA after you pay for shipping. That is if you have Amazon prime membership.

Yeah except when you order from PSA you’re supporting red blooded Americans vs Bezos who continues to fund Gun control

Well said!!!!!

If so, unable to find info online, Bezos looks to be pro gun yet donates to Dreamers who often vote Democrat.

I used these in Nam and they kick ass!

Bought a couple of sets for 22LR ARs, but would not trust these on anything real. The deal is great, though and shipping was fast.

I shoot them on 5.56 and they work just fine

Back up sites need to function absolutely. The rear site in this set has a horrible issue with sun glare. I mean you're f'd in the A if your life is depending on these and you are stuck out in a sunny environment. Seriously. I have three sets of these and will replace them all with Ruger back ups.

I bought a mossberg shockwave from them for $299, had a 10% code because they messed up a previous order. I think it came out to $287 shipped. Next day I checked the order and it was canceled. Called said they would find out and call me back, never called back. whatever tried to use the code on a different order and it didnt work. Emailed them and they wrote back that I already used the code on the canceled order, what a joke. So I cant buy from this place again

These suck. I have three sets, one of which is a replacement from Magpul. Two of the three front sights won't deploy correctly. Magpul won't stand good for their products. They sent me a defective replacement set and then basically told me I was on my own.

Bought three best deal if you have some ars or builds with rails and need a basic sight or backup sight can't go wrong!

This will be my first PSA purchase. Any tips to get free shipping on these?

the last time they listed this discount code it shipped for free. slow but free but you may need to get to that stage of the order process 1st.

Showing $8.50 for shipping. I'll wait for them to run this deal again next month and see if they offer free shipping then.

PSA is also the slowest shipping company in the world so keep that in mind too.. mine took over 3 weeks to arrive.

Thanks for the advice!

Ordered mine Sunday or Monday, came in Thursday, paid standard shipping. It was pretty fast.

Best deal by far for these. If you were thinking about buying a set, buy them
now before the price rises.

Thanks for posting this, needed a set

I always wait till this deal comes up and I always get a set.

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