The LaRue Tactical MBT-2S AR-15 Trigger with Straight Bow (MBT-2S-SB) is designed for precision and performance. It features a flat-faced trigger preferred by precision and competition shooters, offering better control and faster shots. Constructed from solid S7 tool steel using CNC machining, this trigger features a 4.5-pound pull weight and a positive reset. It can easily replace the stock trigger in AR10/AR15 lower receivers and includes an extra "heavy" trigger spring for a 6-pound pull if desired.

- Flat-faced trigger for improved control and quicker shots
- Solid S7 tool steel construction with CNC machining
- Smooth and durable performance
- 4.5-pound pull weight with a crisp reset
- Compatible with milspec AR-15 lower receivers
- Includes an extra "heavy" trigger spring for a 6-pound pull option
- Made in Texas, USA

Proudly made in Texas, USA, the LaRue Tactical MBT-2S-SB features precision engineering and American build quality.

Adjustable: Non-Adjustable
Brand: LaRue Tactical
Color: Black
Drop In: Standard Assembly
Platform: AR-15
Total Pull Weight: 1.5 lbs to 5 lbs
Trigger Bow: Flat

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I agree with what everyone is saying at $115 you have options out there, $75 only months ago. I waited for a good sale and bought the GEISSELE G2 for $89 and the SSA-E was a bit more for $149, also got a timney impact for $80 bucks ... so at the price of $115 you have other options, it is a good 2 stage trigger and I really like LaRue but their 2 price increase's in the past year is a bit ridiculous

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Agree with bpuff. I bought a Geissele G2S as one of my first trigger upgrades. Thought it was the cat's ass until I got an MBT2. The LaRue just feels better. It's crisper and faster, although does feel heavier.

I do agree there are so many competing options on the market and some may be better now and days. LaRue was the best bang for the buck for a long time, but the margins are closing.

Either way the MBT2 is great for $115.

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I don’t disagree that the price increase sucks, but we need to be cognizant of two facts:

1. Between rising steel costs, rising labor costs, and inflationary pressure, a price increase isn’t unreasonable.

2. When the MBT-2S first debuted, it was $300 and everyone raved about it compared to the G$ SSA. When Mark invested into his business infrastructure enough to drop the pricing, he did so in order to show the industry that an amazing trigger doesn’t need to cost $200+. It’s still that same trigger as when it was released, but LaRue still offers it for MUCH less than its true peer - the SSA.

This trigger wasn’t meant to - and doesn’t - compete with the G2S. Is the G2S an alternative for around the same price point? Yes. But the MBT is an objectively superior trigger than the G2S.

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EDIT 2/13/24 - Midwest Optics now has both the curved & straight versions of this trigger in stock priced at $99.00 each (in-cart price). Shipping fee for one trigger is $7, two ships for $12:
12/21/23 - Midwest Optics has the curved version of this trigger in stock priced at $99.00 + $7.00 shipping. They don't charge sales tax for shipments outside Illinois. Everything they offer is in stock ready to ship. No dropshipping.-
Here's some currently valid coupon codes for Midwest Optics that might interest some of yall:
"ShipFree" = Free shipping on ALL Holosun
"Holo14" = 14% Off Eotechs
"Lumens" = 20% off ALL lights and light accessories
- The straight or curved LaRue Tactical MBT-2S Trigger can be purchased from Optics Planet for $103.50 + applicable tax with code "GOADEC". Shipping is free and you should get $2.07 in OP Bucks with the purchase. The code is supposedly good for 10% off sitewide.
Be sure to click the "Check Product Availability" link on the product pages at OP to see the estimated shipping dates.

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So a deal price is now the same price as full price from the manufacturer's site? These used to be about $75 on sale. $115 is not a deal in my opinion. Great trigger, but unless Biden has gotten to them they'll drop below $100 again.

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These are great triggers no doubt... But your getting into Triggertech pricing now. Yes they are two different triggers the Larue the standard in a duty trigger the Triggertech the gold standard in a match trigger. Was it that long ago these were $79 or am I old as the hills? Are they worth $115 hell yes but not to me having paid $79. "inflation" Get used to it.

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