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The Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Kit comes with everything need to turn out high-quality, accurate handloads. The kit includes the ""Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading"" manual, one of our favorites. Comes with everything pictured, plus complete instructions.
The trademark Lock-N-Load bushing technology that Hornady incorporates will enable reloaders to adjust their dies and lock the bushings into place for consistent reloads every time. Switch reloading dies to a new caliber and begin reloading in seconds. No need for multiple presses, turrets, etc. Just install the bushings to each reloading die, adjust and leave them in place for ""quick change"" capability.
The Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Kit includes the following:
- Lock-N-Load Classic single-stage press
- Lock-N-Load Powder Measure
- Electronic Scale
- The 8th Edition Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading
- Three Lock-N-Load Die Bushings
- Primer Catcher
- Positive Priming System
- Hand-Held Priming Tool
- Chamfering and Deburring Tool
- Primer Turning Plate
- One Shot Case Lube
Mfr Part #:085003
Stock #:749-009-855WB

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Good luck finding primers

0 votes
0 votes

I'm lazy, so I copied this review from Brownell's (this person took the words right out of my mouth)


"The old saying of "Buy once, Cry once" is Certainly the case when getting started into reloading. With a kit you will be getting the bare essentials. You will spend more money in the long run by not buying a quality piece of equipment from the start. You will get things in a kit that you will replace later. I started loading many years before they had kits and strongly recommend you buy what you need. Quality is not cheap and cheap is not quality. Buy the best that you can afford and you will have a lifetime of use from it. Of course if you only want to put together something that just goes BANG, buy the kit and enjoy making noise."

1 vote
1 vote

This is such a stupid review. This kit is from Hornady who makes amazing ammo. They're not going to put their name on garbage and destroy their reputation. GTFO here with useless reviews. Elitist chumps who buy the latest trendy new thing that costs thousands because "moar money = more quality!!"

1 vote
1 vote

Jason Hornady is a royal prick and I wouldn’t give 2 shits for the crap he sells.

0 votes
0 votes

I dont understand a few things about this comment, and didnt like it on Brownells website (im not alone, i think that review had like 2 likes and 30 dislikes).

Please, if you are going to post a review about a product, REVIEW THE PRODUCT.

Having first hand experience with this press I think its great for what it is. As with all Hornady presses it has a lifetime warranty, so why are you copying someones words questioning quality?? I dont understand what issue you would have with quality from a company who carries a lifetime warranty?

From my experience, I used my brothers reloading equipment for the last few years so I decided to get my own. The priming system on this press is functional but slow, its easier and quicker to set primers with a hand-held primer install tool. Luckily this kit comes with one! its also a must to have a scale while reloading, THIS KIT COMES WITH ONE!

Please don't write off the opportunity to get 500 projectiles for the cost of S&H either, I reload 300AAC and getting 500 rounds of 308 projectiles adds a real $$ value to this KIT.

If your new to reloading, I completely recommend this kit. Does it come with some things that you may not use? sure, but the bang for your buck allows you to get some things (like the powder trickle feeder) that you might not use at first, but as you get deeper into reloading and start laying out precision loads it may become a valuable tool.

I was about to buy a progressive press but then realized that alot of my reloading also includes resizing the 223brass for 300AAC, and I feel more comfortable doing that resizing on a single stage press. Also, you cant go wrong with the quick disconnect features of the lock n load lineup.

If and when I decide that I do enough reloading for a progressive press, I will still want a single stage for my resizing and custom handload rounds down the road. every reloader should have a single stage in their "KIT"

Good box of parts at a fair price, Brownells also ships quick and has english speaking customer service.

8 votes
0 votes

So I just bought a Frankford Arsenal tumbler ($36), 8 pounds of crushed walnut lizard bedding ($1.50 broken bag discount), a bottle of Turtle Wax metal polish ($6), an old-timey Lee C-shaped single stage press ($28), and a set of Lee pacesetter dies for .223. I've already decapped/resized, cleaned and polished about 850 pieces of brass and all seems well so far, other than that I bent the pin on the resizing die (new one en-route free from Lee).

Having read what you've written, where should I invest my money next?

0 votes
0 votes

im at about the same stage as you, did you get any more input on what to buy next?

0 votes
0 votes

As someone who is just staring to reload, what is the quality of this kit? Would you recommend it?

0 votes
0 votes

Don't forget hornady get loaded manufacturer rebate with this eligible purchase.

Costs 16 bucks for 500 bullets. Max MSRP value savings $167.50.

0 votes
0 votes
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