This is a 4-pack of Hexmag HexID Color Identification System Followers for Hexmag AR-15 magazines

Forget about painting or taping magazines, these HexID color-coded followers and baseplates give you lightning-fast, at-a-glance recognition of ammo types/calibers.

Sentry’s Hexmag magazines are some of the strongest, most versatile and most dependable options on the market today. Featuring patented Hexture surface design for superior handling, torture-tested and incorporating the industry’s first integrated ammo ID system, HexMags raise the bar for polymer AR-15 mags.

This 4-pack contains 4 matching dust covers and 4 baseplates with color-coded center notches, visible on the base of the completed magazine.

Upgrade your Hexmags with a few HexID Kits today!


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Check BBB before you buy anything . No CC # security. I learned the hard way.

Good deal if they only offer free shipping. I order from them before and after shipping there was no deal anymore plus shipping is slow.

LGBT Followers ... Also a great gift for the color blind!


What is the purpose of these if you keep your mags loaded?

And if you keep your mags unloaded they still serve no purpose. Why do I need to label an empty magazine?

The follower is the part of the magazine you can't see when it is loaded. But the kit says it also includes baseplates, and I assume you could see that if you look at the bottom of the mag.

Exactly, useless item....

That is pretty cool, and cheap. Shame they aren't for Pmags

pmags are garbage

How so

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