Every hunter and shooter is looking for a versatile and steady shooting system that can be set up almost anywhere, and at any time. Whether you have minutes or seconds to set up for your next shot, the DeadShot Shooting Bags are the answer.

Model number#: 248885

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I love these. I shoot F series 600 yards and don’t use these for the competition but for practice shooting T the range when I don’t want to carry a ton of stuff I’ll just toss this in my car. Easy to use and a good tool to have. Good price

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Can anyone compare to tack driver by Caldwell. I've used tack driver and it is secure. This is a lot smaller and doesn't look like it'll hold as well as tack driver series . Worth spending extra on tack driver? ($30+)

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Janizary tip of using heavy black sand is a good tip, just remember, whatever you fill it with, you have to schlep it. That’s one reason I made an electromagnetic system for my Caldwell DFT that eliminated ballast weight or sandbags. But since I only sight in infrequently, I sold the Lead Sled and its electromagnetic device.

One day while fishing, I was observing some guy filling up sandbags with sand from one of Siesta Keys beaches. You don't steal sand from the nicest beach in the world, I watched the marine patrol tell that guy to dump his sandbags, which he did. Had he taken Janizary's advise to use heavier black sand, then he wouldn't have been scolded by the beach patrol

These days, I normally sight in with an Atlas bipod, an ammo box or an ammo box with a rear bag. I loan stuff out often, and sometimes it doesn't come back the same, sometimes not at all lol.

So to counter that, I bought this product last week and just yesterday I filled these bags with that new ultra light cat litter, so when I loan it out & it starts to rain and it turns into a lead weight, I'll laugh my butt off. (In Florida this time of year, it rains daily)

A short time ago, I bought a Caldwell Stinger to kick it’s tires. It’s a well made product, got it at Cabelas on sale for around $80 shipped after their LEO/mil discount they offer. For people that don’t need recoil mitigation when sighting in rifles, the Stinger does a good job, its fairly light and manageable. I was going to try it then sell it, but it’s a keeper.

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lol.. apparently johnparker55 cant shoot.. and needs these lol

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When the cure for *SOS is discovered, the first vaccine they'll save for you.

(SOS= Stuck on Stupid Syndrome or SOS in short)

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um... if you need this to shoot then maybe just hang it up.

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6 votes've never heard of sighting in an optic with a rest?

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Really makes you wonder about some of the people trolling this site, doesn't it?

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Right? Scares me there are people like this shopping for weapons on here. They have more time shooting on their XBOX than on the range. I won't comment bad about this poster (ceazer), but I have ran into my share of morons on here this week! :)

What is the best thing to fill it? Cat litter? $40 worth of BBs? I have 4 rifles I need to be sighted and this would probably be good to sight in 2 lasers on my pistols.

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Heavy black sand. A fine heavy sand that is almost twice the density of silica is used by U.S. F-Class Shooters

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