Berry's has a reputation for making high-end plated bullets that are both affordable and reliable.

Plated Bullets are a more affordable option than jacketed bullets while meeting the quality and accuracy needed. Plated bullets are considered higher quality than cast bullets because they are much cleaner than cast bullets which are considered "dirty".

Berry's preferred plated bullets have a unique process that ensures the highest quality. Berry's bullets begin as a swaged lead core which goes through electrolysis. The lead cores are electrically charged causing the copper to cling to the lead resulting in a plating of copper in the desired thickness on a per caliber basis.

These bullets are Double Struck which means that they went through an extra sizing process after being plated. This makes the bullet 100% symmetric which will help ensure added accuracy.

Cost Per Round 9.8¢ per round
Bullet Weight 180 Grain
Caliber 10mm, 40 Caliber, 40 S&W
Bullet Diameter .401 Inches
Quantity 1,000
Bullet Type Plated Flat Point
Manufacturer Berry's
Manufacturer SKU 33701

Note: Plated Bullets are not recommended for velocities over 1200 feet-per-second

**This is not loaded ammunition.**

MPN#: 33701

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