NOTE: All BCM bolt carrier groups are factory test fired. The BCG may show handling marks consistent with these quality control procedures.
The Bravo Company Manufacturing Bolt Carrier Group, with a parkerized exterior and chrome lined carrier interior, has been machined to USGI specifications. This M16/M4 carrier includes a properly staked gas key which has also been chrome lined, heat treated per MIL-SPEC, and secured to the carrier with grade 8 fasteners.
- MIL-SPEC carpenter no. 158 steel (bolt)
- High pressure tested and magnetic particle inspected
- Shot peened bolt
- Chrome lined carrier
- Chrome lined gas key
- Gas key hardened to USGI specifications
- Grade 8 hardened fasteners
- Key staked per MIL-SPEC
- Tool steel extractor
- BCM extractor spring
- Black extractor insert
- MIL-SPEC crane O-ring
The bolt assembly is machined from carpenter No. 158 steel, shot peened for increased strength, and is high pressure tested and magnetic particle inspected. Includes tool steel machined extractor, ejector, and BCM extractor spring.
Bolt Finish: Manganese Phosphate
Bolt Material: Carpenter 158 Steel
Brand: Bravo Company Manufacturing
Caliber Gauge: 5.56 NATO
Carrier Finish: Manganese Phosphate
Carrier Material: 8620 Carpenter Steel
Carrier Style: M16 Bolt Carrier
High Pressure Tested: High Pressure Tested
Magnetic Particle Inspect: Magnetic Particle Inspected
Manufacturer: Bravo Company Manufacturing
Platform: AR-15
Weight: 11.5 Oz

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An alternative with a great reputation for performance at a fraction of the price. Not saying BCM's are not high quality.

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BCM is one of the best companies out there for gun parts they hold up the longest yeah it’s a little expensive but you get what you pay for I recommend buying it it’s pretty pretty sweet

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For years these have set the standards that all BCGs are judged by. BCM's has always been on the high side, but many highly experienced shooters, and security professionals have found value in their performance, and high quality. Paying $190 for one of these may not be your idea of a great deal, but it isn't anywhere near as stupid as getting screws out of $150 by PSA, aka JJE Capital Holding for a $50 BCG. I appreciate Primary Arms for not running up the price on these.

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