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Elite Quality - Genuine made in USA certified AR500 steel is bead blasted on both sides then laser cut on the fastest 30kw fiber laser available for crisp clean cuts and minimal heat affected zone
Durable Zinc - Unlike typical paint or powder coat our industry exclusive zinc plating is a strong chemical bond that won't chip off from bullet spall leaving you with a dirty rusty mess
Make Shooting Fun Again - ShootingTargets7 steel targets sound off and move when hit providing crucial instant feedback making firearms training much more fun and effective than boring paper targets
Veteran Owned Operated - We know guns and take pride in everything we do, especially in our products which we continually improve based on our own testing and over a decade of customer feedback
Use With - Our 3/16" targets have 1/2" mounting holes and are the perfect choice for airguns and 22lr rimfire being thinner and lighter they cost less and also ring louder and move more when hit
ASIN#: B0141T2JJ0

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