American Tactical is proud to bring the Alpha Maxx to the table as their next firearm in their vast inventory. Chambered in .223 Remington/556NATO, the ATI Alpha Maxx comes standard with many of the reliable components that are offered in their other lines. Featured in the Alpha Maxx is a 9" polymer M-LOK rail, flip up sights, a 16" Hanson profile barrel with 1:8 twist, and their Nano composite lower parts kit sold at BattleHawk Armory!

Manufacturer American Tactical Imports
Pricing Unit GN
Model Alpha-15
UPC 810113112558
Caliber .223 Remington
Barrel Length In Inches 16.0000
Capacity 30
Checkering N
Detachable Magazine Y
Hinged Floorplate N
Metal Color BLACK
Metal Finish COLORED
Overall Length In Inches 35.0000
Rate Of Twist 1:8"
Recoil Pad N
Sights Y
Stock Color BLACK
Stock Material SYNTHETIC
Swivel Studs N
Weight In Pounds 5.5

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i have one, cheap and it works! perfect gun to leave in the truck, dont have to worry about banging expensive optics. sure everyone can hate on these but it is cheaper than a ruger 10/22. come on.

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83blicky, i 100% agree, i tool got my hands on expensive rifles and i didnt want to fuck em up but instead of letting them collect dust i sold and made a few bucks, i also never owned a gun more then a day b4 i shot them.but i know plenty of people who actually bought firearms years ago and havent even fired them.point is i rather have fun with my taurus in the woods and know how to use it...

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This is pretty good for a new entry budget level is far from a premium firearm but this will be everything the average gun owner would ever need.most gun owners guns will never shoot 1,000 rounds through it.they will run a few hundred rounds through it to make sure it works.then it is stuffed in a safe,closet,under a mattress,on a rack,etc,etc.they may take it out an clean and oil it every year or 2 and then stash it away till the next cleaning.they may run another mag or 2 every 5 or 10 years.just think of the millions of people who went out and splurged on a brand new Daniel Defense,BCM,Noveske,FN,HK,Sig Sauer,etc decked out with Vortex Razors,Trijicon ACOGs,EoTechs,Surefire weapon lights.with all the best upper and lower parts and accessories.all these great guns that just sit and collect’s a shame,they could’ve bought something like this,a Anderson,PSA,etc with a Romeo 5 and a Streamlight.It would’ve gave them everything they needed and it would’ve been $700-$800 max.they could’ve spent the extra $3,000 on something more beneficial to them or invested it into Bitcoin and doubled,tripled,quadrupled,etc.I’ve seen people buy high end hunting rifles that spend their life in a safe because “they are too nice to hunt with”..I don’t understand this logic but it is the sad reality of a lot of gun owners in America.there are a lot of people with $10,000 to $50,000 or better in premium grade firearms that never run 1,000 rounds.hell,many never run 200 rounds

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2 votes

Haha. If you say so.

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I personally use all my firearms and they show it. They are mine so I use them as I wish. Same for someone that doesnt use their firearms. Theirs to use as they wish. Some train harder some train less some less some dont train. These choices are part of the fantastic freedom we enjoy. I agree with you that this firearm is a very good value and is particularly so for someone who will not be training hard. Having something nice is not necessarily a waste just because it doesnt get used much. Someone may have a S&K socket set and only use it twice a year.
Personally i dont go to matches much anymore and my scores reflect that. But i do go to some and enjoy that. I choose how much time I spend. I prioritize skill with firearms to the extent that i find appropriate. I am not law enforcement or military. This means it is largely but not entirely a recreational activity for me
What really keeps you safe is situational awareness and conflict avoidance. Skill in the actual use of the firearm is secondary no matter how we might think otherwise. I know people who are very very skilled in firearms but have never trained in situational awareness and conflict avoidance. I very very seldom carry a gun in public because of the grave legal consequences possible outside the home. My decision. Others make different decisions as is their right.
In my state we have castle doctrine that allows self defence inside of a residence. Its still in the gravest extreme.
I like matches for training. I seldom go shooting with people other than that unless they are squared away. Safety protocols are enforced at matches There is a lot of ego involved with firearms and it raises safety concerns if you are shooting with untrained individuals. I like cold range rules. Matches and Cold range rules allow training to occur in a manner where egos can be put aside. People realize that their is always going to be shooters better than you and (hopefully) shooters worse than you. That allows learning greater skills. Ego gets in the way of learning.
IMO safety protocol and discipline is the most valuable firearm skill. If kids show up at the range demonstrating poor discipline and asserting alpha dog behavior I leave. No safety officer like at a match to correct them.
All of these things effect what the training regime is how much time is spent on it. The level of quality in the tools they choose These are personal decisions and part of the great freedom and rights we enjoy. With freedom comes responsibility. Freedom does not work without discipline and responsibility. Understanding the scope and limits of ones skills is as important as the skills themselves.

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His second sentence stated "average" owner, which he's correct. Finding an outdoor range near me is next to impossible. Shooting a rifle of this caliber in a 25 yard indoor range is borderline criminal.

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