The 5.56 75GR Sabre Blade Black Tip Ammunition from AAC delivers superior performance when you need it most. Sabre Blade Black Tip is designed to be one of the most highly effective self-defense rounds offered to the American people at an affordable price. Our Sabre Blade Black Tip bullets are designed for maximum expansion and weight retention upon impact.
Designed for use in a variety of applications and manufactured through AAC's advanced research, design, and engineering process with state-of-the-art, quality machines, and materials.
Rigorously refined by AAC through multiple quality control checkpoints from conception to production. AAC Components make projectiles for the shooter who values attention to detail, quality, and advanced reliability.
Accurate and reliable.
American Made in beautiful Columbia, SC.
Brand: AAC
Bullet Type: Sabre Blade Black Tip
Bullet Weight: 75gr
Bullet Ballistic Coefficient: .334 G1
Casing: AAC Brass-Boxer Primed, Fully Reloadable
Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Quantity: 20
Velocity: 2700 FPS

Model Number AAC556SAB3-20

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