Brand AAC
Model Number AAC556OTM1-20

Brand: AAC
Bullet Type: AAC Open Tip Match (OTM)
Bullet Weight: 77gr
Bullet Ballistic Coefficient: .362 G1
Casing: AAC Brass-Boxer Primed, Fully Reloadable
Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Quantity: 20
Velocity: 2700 FPS

The 5.56 77GR Open Tip Match (OTM) Ammunition from AAC delivers superior performance when you need it most.
Designed for use in a variety of applications and manufactured through AAC's advanced research, design, and engineering process with state-of-the-art, quality machines, and materials.
Rigorously refined by AAC through multiple quality control checkpoints from conception to production. AAC Components make projectiles for the shooter who values attention to detail, quality, and advanced reliability.
Accurate and reliable.
American Made in beautiful Columbia, SC.

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Anyone out there have experience running PSA’s AAC-branded ammo? Curious what the real expectation should be if I take the plunge on this vs spending more on IMI Razorcore…

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Had a batch of this come in a few weeks ago, took it out to the range this past weekend. Compared this exact load vs IMI Razor Core 77gr SMK & Pine Valley Munitions 77gr SMK (no longer available/sold, company went under). Weapon system used: MK12 MOD 0 w/AEM 5 & Razor Gen III. Started with 5 shot group @ 100m with 55gr to warm up the barrel, followed by waiting for 10 minutes. Following this, 10 shot group with the AAC, 10 min wait, 10 shot group with IMI, 10 min wait, and 10 shot group with Pine Valley. Best overall group was the Pine Valley ~0.5 MOA grouping, followed by the IMI ~1 MOA grouping, and the worst being the AAC ~2 MOA grouping. AAC makes a 77gr SMK round, which I would imagine would be a more fair comparison as they cost about the same as the other two @ ~$1/round. For the price, I think the AAC non-SMKs are worth it for a personal defense/home loadout or for anything within about 500m. If you're looking to push rounds out to like 700m+, I would look into dropping the coin on something like IMI or Black Hills.

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Exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. Thank you!

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