50 Pack 18" x 10" Silhouette Splatter Target - Multi-Color GlowShot Targets - See Your Hits Instantly - $18.50 + FS over $49

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GlowShot 18 x 10" Multi Color Reactive Targets. You will "See Your Hits Instantly." These targets use GlowShot Technology to produce a colored ring around your hits. No more walking down range or picking a spotting scope to see your hits. Attach the target to any surface. Search GlowShot for all our Target Sizes and Packs.
50 Pack - Multi Color Splatter Target
•Made with Heavy Duty non-Adhesive Tag Board - Withstands dozens of hits.
•Use for Gun Targets & Rifle Targets - Also works with Airsoft and BB Guns
Multi-Color Target helps you see you new hits.

Category: Accessories
Caliber: Range Gear
Brand: GlowShot
UPC: 689466475913
MPN: 10008
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I've used numerous targets

I've used numerous targets from this company and I have yet to be satisfied with what it claims to do. Its a very light color change when shot at. They're cheap and there's a reason. Birchwood Casey sticker's are the best option for shooters. Hands down.

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make your own for pennies per

make your own for pennies per sheet


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MJ28's picture

My local range doesn't allow

My local range doesn't allow this type of tragets

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Protholl's picture

Because it is a human shape,

Because it is a human shape, or the color? My range will permit these but nothing with a "human" face (zombie faces are A-OK!)

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bought 2 50pk

bought 2 50pk today(05/06/14)@ $21.00+fs thanks op

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My experience with Glowshot

My experience with Glowshot sheet is that they are not very visible with smaller cal such as 5.56. At 25 yd I could barely see the hole. I would say it works better with pistol.

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I've shot these targets with

I've shot these targets with 22LR and 9mm and they were great, certainly better then non reactive targets. They preformed equally good as the 5 times more expensive reactive targets sold @ my range.

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