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[Combo for Enhanced Accuracy] -This bundle includes red dot sight and 3x Magnifier with Flip to Side Mount.The crisp reticle of the red dot sights and the clear 3x magnification ensure precise aim over longer distances.
[Various Ways of Use] - The red dot and magnifier combo can be utilized as a complete unit or independently. Simply flip the magnifier to the side when not in use, and the red dot will automatically adjust its brightness based on lighting conditions, ensuring reliable performance.
[Easy to Use ]- The Red Dot with Magnifier Combo features a user-friendly design with ample eye relief for the 3x magnifier. It allows for quick mounting and dismounting of the combo, easy brightness adjustment, and seamless switching between non-magnified and magnified views.
[ Stablize & Reliable]–This red dot & 3X magnifier combo is shockproof, waterproof, and fog proof, guaranteeing reliable performance in any setting. The lenses are coated to reduce glare.
[3x Magnifier]-A 3x magnifier equipped with a flip-to-side mount, designed specifically for red dot sights, providing a 3x magnified view.
[Clear View Red Dot Sight]-3 MOA dot provides a precise point, and 11 brightness settings provide optimal visibility in any light conditions. 20mm fully multi-coated lenses and a larger aperture increase light transmission during low-light situations.
ASIN#: B0C28G691D