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Mfr Part: 1717D00DPMS
Item Details
Cartridge: 308 Winchester
Finish: Black
Made in the USA
Products require a Federal Firearms License to be on file. If we don't have a FFL for you, your order will be put on hold until it is received. Please email [email protected], fax 641-623-8143 or mail a clear signed copy to: Attn: FFL Dept, 200 S. Front Street, Montezuma, IA 50171. You must be 18 years of age or older except in states that require an individual to be 21 to purchase rifles and shotguns also 21 years of age or older to purchase handguns, receivers, and suppressors.
Make Model
Make: AR .308
Introducing the Brownells exclusive IFLR-10 (Integrated Folding Lower Receiver).The 17 Design & Manufacturing IFLR-10 Stripped Lower Receiver is the perfect base for your AR 308 build. The IFLR-10 has the folding mechanism machined directly into the lower receiver. All wearable parts are made from S7 tool steel which leads to extreme wear resistance and corrosion resistant coatings ensure your IFLR stays mint for years to come.
Additional features:
- Upper tensioning screw- allows user to fine tune the fit of the upper and lower through the use of a nylon tipped tensioning set screw in the grip tang of the receiver.
- Flared magwell angle- Wider angles in the magwell allow a more flared feel without increasing the width/footprint of the lower receiver.
- Features a threaded bolt catch pin.
- Comes with Specialty H1 Buffer, nylon tipped set screw, and assembled IFLR in stripped lower configuration ready for your custom build.

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Comments (8)

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These lowers ( and uppers ) are GARBAGE. First of all if you buy a 17 designs 308 upper and lower you would think they would fit together perfectly right but no they have tho worst fitment i've ever seen in any gun product ever. I tried two 17 design uppers with on folding lower and they were both horrible fitment. rattles like crazy. a lot of the small parts fit really poorly like way too loose. putting one of these together is a nightmare. I will say the latch itself on the folding mechanism does seem robust... however when you have it folded up there is no retention and it has a habit of swinging back out on its own. pretty annoying. looking back on it, I regret using these parts. even though i eventually finished the build, if i had to do it all over again, I would go with ANYONE else.

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Forget the filler and order just the lower using GIFT10 for $10 off $100 for an overall lower price since the filler adds on $8-8 shipping costs. My OTD cost with FFL Fee and 7% tax was $160.49.

I consider this a great deal if you are handy and a tinkerer. The folding mech is the best part of this lower, lighter, and more compact than other add-on folders. I have no problem with component fitment using the Strike pins and bolt catch/release; all other items fit great. I hand thread any pin holes for screws like Aero lowers as well as the safety plunger. I custom-make a buffer so it can be tuned with weights from a carbine or an A5 buffer, depending on the length of the receiver extension, using a machined piece of stainless for the extension through the folding mechanism. It does not have a screw hole for a tensioner of receivers so I use Black RTV Gasket Maker to bed the two and that works great taking up slop for a no wobble fitment. My only big complaint is: that the magazine well is very tight, like mold tight, with MagPul magazines so expect to pull them forcibly out.

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Yeah don't buy these. They're so out of spec it's crazy. You essentially have to make your own bolt release because none fit. I tired 3 vastly different ones. You also have to buy a proprietary buffer which also doesn't work. I bought the rifle length for my rifle length tube and the buffer was smacking the back of the receiver because with the integral folding mechanism it adds about an inch to the travel but the 17 design buffer you have to use doesn't accurately add the proper length to the rear of the buffer. Anyways they're out of business so no warranty and limited spare parts. You've been warned.

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almost all of the 17 design products are trash. of around 100 lowers i have come thru my shop almost all have had problems. some were variance manufactures and some directly from 17d, but all were trash. pin holes wrong size, holes drilled in wrong locations, lack of any form of qc etc. theres a reason this place came and went so quickly. unless you have a good set of tools and a lot of patience avoid this shit like a plague.

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Anyone have any insight on this lower?

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Couple of things:
1. This is a licensed design originally made by Shield Arms who continue to produce essentially the same lower. 17 Design went out of business a few years back. If you were to break something, you might be able to buy stuff from Shield.
2. The folder does not lock, and I remember this was implied to be as a result of a patent probably held by another folding stock company. So if you wanted to attach your sling to the end plate or stock, this won't work well when folded as the weight of the gun acting on the sling will probably unfold the stock again. I got around this by using a Stark AR grip that has a QD slot built into the pistol grip.
3. Supposedly these have poor QC when compared to the Shield version. This is referenced from an Arfcom thread where a person claiming to be a former employee said this was the downfall of the company, that the owner just wanted to crank out as many as possible. Mine works okay but the bolt catch area is too large, which can cause some magazines to fail to lock back by not impinging on the follower. Your mileage may vary.
4. This lower uses its own proprietary buffer which is retained by a buffer pin. IIRC this buffer is standard carbine weight but honestly I don't feel like taking it out to weigh it for you. My lower did not come with instructions, but its pretty easy to install the buffer. There is a hex screw that holds in the pin accessible from the bottom of the folding assembly that needed to be loosened slightly to get the buffer in the first time. The pin is held by a 'rim' on the buffer. The pin does seem to be fairly strong, but the buffer 'rim' is starting to show wear after just a few hundred cycles. Essentially the buffer pin will chip away at the buffer over time in a way that doesn't seem to happen with a normal lower receiver. Maybe the proprietary buffer is a little softer or maybe its because I was using a heavier Springco spring to use with a gassy 10.5' carbine. I don't think this is a fatal flaw, but something for you to keep an eye on.
The overall design seems decently robust. The main negative I can see is that in the folded position the BCG is held in the upper by a pretty small piece of metal that would not survive probably even a single shot when folded, and the company of course advises against this. I like that it doesn't lock in the folded position because you can flip the stock open one handed which is a hoot. I think I paid around what they're asking this time so yes for the price it's a fun time. I still think for serious use a LAW makes more sense, but if you don't need serious use this upper is pretty neat.

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Great feedback. Thanks for sharing!

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I prefer it to the Law Tactical folders. Steel reinforcement for the latch is really nice. Only downside is that you have a useless lower if/when the latch system breaks. I like them, but I’d never use one to make an SBR.

Only critical feedback is the anodized finish is really rough texture.

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