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New, Burris AR-332 3x-32mm Tube Tactical Prism Red Dot Sight

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Price: $179.03

Burris AR-332 3x32 Prism Sight - $179.03 after opt out of free return (Free S/H over $35) The Burris AR-332 Prism Tactical Red Dot Sight features advanced tactical red dot sight with Burris s unique Ballistic CQ™(Close Quarters) reticle, which offers optimal target acquisition at close range, plus bullet drop compensation all the way out to 600 yards and you can choose from red or green, with 5 different illumination settings. Other features include multicoated lenses, waterproof performance, integrated lens cover, and Picatinny mounting brackets. Length: 5.29''. Weight: 14.2 oz. Manufacturer model #: 300208. Burris s unique Ballistic CQ (Close Quarters) reticle
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6 votes

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Price: $169.77

Burris AR-332 3x32 Prism Sight (Black) - $169.77 + Free Shipping The Burris XTR Base was made to meet the demands of extreme shooters. Ask most marksmen what contributes to their accuracy over any distance and they’ll brag about their scopes, barrels, triggers or even skill. At Burris we know the true building blocks of an accurate shooting system are the rings and bases. To consistently put your rounds on target time and time again, your scope needs to be properly aligned and anchored to your gun. That’s why every ring and base we offer is computer designed and engineered to specifications that would make NASA proud.
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Price: $210.63
@Natchez Shooters Supplies

Burris 300208 AR Tactical Sight - $210.63 Close quarters work requires split second target acquisition and aiming. The AR-332 delivers on both fronts with its unique Ballistic/CQTM lighted reticle which can be adjusted to match any lighting condition day or night. For daylight operation, choose the high contrast black reticle for precision aiming out to 600 yards, or switch to red or green for better contrast and faster targeting. Ballistic/CQTM lighted reticle Multi-coated lenses reduce glare and ensure brighter images Lightweight and compact Waterproof Comes with integrated lens covers and a Picatinny rail mounting bracket
8 votes
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@Natchez Shooters Supplies

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Price: $349.00

Burris AR-332 Prism Sight - $349 (Free S/H over $50 w/code "FREESHIP") Burris FastFire III Price Compare Sometimes a deal comes along that's simply too good to pass on. The Burris AR Prism Sight with a FastFire III Red-Dot Sight is one of those deals. For the price of just the Prism sight, you're going to get a FREE 3-MOA dot FastFire III, giving you the ability to shoot accurately at long range as well as get on target quickly in close quarters. Picatinny rail allows easy mounting of the Fastfire III Red-Dot on the AR-Prism Sight.
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