Taurus G2C
A new standout in concealed carry performance. The Taurus G2c series was engineered specifically for everyday carry-and it delivers. With its streamlined, ergonomic design and rugged, compact polymer frame, you'll find the G2 series strikes the perfect balance between comfort and confidence in any situation.
Item # 1-G2C931-12
Frame Size Compact
Capacity 12
Action Type Single Action w/ Restrike
Caliber 9mm
Height 5.10"
Width 1.20"
Weight 22.00 oz.
Barrel Length 3.20"
Overall Length 6.30"
Front Sight Fixed
Rear Sight Adjustable
Safety Striker Block, Manual Safety, Trigger Safety, L C I
MSRP $316.89
MPN#: TRS-1-G2C931-12

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Comments (8)

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This gun is very reliable with brass. I've put a couple of thousand rounds through the gun, and brass has worked every time. On the other hand, aluminum cased bullets and steel cased bullets give this gun a problem.

The sights are left/right adjustable and they are cheap plastic. I have mine all the way to the left, and that finally got me near bullseye. Right now, I can group about 2.5 inches at 7 yards, but it took practice to get there.

You'll find the trigger is odd. When you go to pull the trigger, you'll get about an inch of travel before you reach the break. The break is not bad, but it's not crisp either. You just have to get used to the break being way farther back than on any other pistol. I found that this trigger has taught me how to squeeze triggers a little better, so that's a positive thing. It's also DA for second strike if a bullet does not go off. However, the bullets always do go off - never once have I had a light primer strike. In fact, when I put a pencil down the barrel, aimed the gun at the ceiling and pulled the trigger, that pencil shot all the way to the ceiling (at least 6 feet). Even the 2nd strike hits that pencil hard (about 4 feet). So, I guess I'm saying is that there are no light primer strikes, and there won't be any light primer strikes.

If you use brass, you will have a gun that is 100% reliable and is more than accurate for a close confrontation, if needed. It's too big as a pocket carry, but I have carried it in one of those large pockets that are thigh-level on cargo shorts. Additionally, you get 2 magazines with the pistol. Occasionally, I've seen Taurus have $25 rebates for this gun, which I used when I purchased mine.

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Most reviews on this say its golden. Taurus has up'd their game lately. Better QC. New designs. Good stuff.

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Before you give this place your money do yourself a favor. Try emailing them first. See if they respond. Any place that disregards an email BEFORE a sale will surely disregard your email if you have any problems. Shop elsewhere.

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My budget for guns is very low and this is my carry peace of mind. In my opinion, for a tool you will hopefully and probably never use in a self defense scenario, I'm more than comfortable at this price.

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I absolutely love this pistol no it's not a boutique gun, I dare you to find something within 50-75bucks that will fill the role this one does best bang for the buck hands down.

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It is really, seriously hard to hate on this pistol. Yes, it’s a Taurus. Yes, it’s not as refined as the $300-$400 crowd. Yes, it’s not the best looking pistol. But, man... it’s really tough to beat the price for what you’re getting. If this is your primary pistol, and it’s literally all you can afford, you can’t really go wrong. That said, if you can hack the extra $80-$100, the Beretta APX and Springfield Defender series are better pistols for just a little more cash. If not, this is a really tough pistol to beat at this price point.

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Best polymer pistol you can get for the money. Not the best gun you're going to own by any stretch of the imagination, but definitely a good, reliable gun. Only point of contention is you will need to spend more time learning the trigger than on other higher priced guns. That, and personally I would shave down the front grip a little bit where your pinky rests. I little too abrasive right there for me.

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I replaced the guide rod with a stainless rod when I first got this and have shot around 2,000 rounds thru it and have not had any problems. Keep in mind this isn’t a sig, h&k or Glock. It’s a $200 pistol and at that price point it’s well worth the money.

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