SKU 51655154824
Brand Swiss
Model Number 9MM124FMJ-SP1500
UPC 7025552

Brand: Swiss P
Model: Blackround
Caliber: 9mm
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket
Bullet Weight: 124gr
Ammo Round Count: 1500rds

SWISS P blackround TM 9x19mm NATO ammunition is loaded to military specifications. These military-grade 124-grain FMJ cartridges are designed to offer the highest power and velocity specifications, maximum accuracy and performance. This ammunition has a sealed case mouth and primer ensuring reliable ignition, cycling and ballistics in the harshest conditions.
• Mouth and primer sealed for better storage and more reliable function in all environmental conditions
• Built to NATO military-standards
• Staked primer
• Mil-Spec M2A2 military can reducing ammunition degradation
UPC#: 000007025552

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Winchester q4318 NATO $280 shipped
they have magtech 115 for 229 (steel)shipped
S&B 124 259 shipped
The Ruag 124 for $50 more -shipped.
THe Ruag brass may not be the best for reloading with a crimped primer
How is the bouquet of the Ruag? :)

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On 3-18-24 the Winchester is $270 shipped per thousand. That’s the same price as the Swiss P per round although it’s packed 1500 rds in an ammo can. SSome

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What brand ammo is this? Never heard of it. What is the listed velocity? Is this NATO spec or not? Thanks!

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This is RUAG Swiss P, a Swiss military arms company with a very long history. They make very high quality ammo among other things. Their rifle ammo is sought after.

NATO spec (M882 for US) is 124g FMJ, sealed, crimped, brass, at 1250 from 4" rifled barrel. Usually makes 1275 out of 4.9" Beretta barrel. This certainly appears the same and is advertised everywhere as NATO military contract overrun although I personally haven't chrono'd it...perhaps someone else has. FYI the new standard round for the US M17 pistol is the 115gr FMJ at 1325fps.

This should be very nice ammo, especially if you need combat grade FMJ.

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I would say it depends. The Winchester Q4318 124gr NATO is largely out of stock and expensive where it is not. Do you believe in training with full power ammunition or take it a little easier on the gun? The cheapest non re manufactured 9mm Is running about .25 per with shipping. This is a little more. If i was running low on training ammunition i wouldnt hesitate to pick this up. On the other hand there is plenty of non NATO lawman, fiochi and magtech 124gr out there for a little cheaper. Myself I would just as soon train with normal velocity loads but thats just personal preference. The cheapest seems to be 115gr and for most training its fine. If you are carrying a +p 124gr load this might be attractive to absolutely match point of impact. A zone on a IPSC is not really going to know the difference but really its not that much more to run the same weight bullet as your carry ammunition By the time you look at gas to the range/match ecetera it really isnt that big of a deal whether the boxes cost $12 or $14. My belief is ammunition will get more expensive not less. I could be wrong. Its nice to have high quality ammunition available especially if you are going to go to a match with it and dont want problems. I would call this high quality. Is this a deal? Its not a bad deal. Id go this way first. unless its for a PCC. PCC go NATO.

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Great thoughts. Exactly what I was thinking. I like to train with full power and think everyone should get as close as possible with range/training ammo to the ammo they are carrying.

I believe you are also correct in thinking that ammunition will get more expensive in the future, not cheaper.

It will be the future of gun control.

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Is this a deal??

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I went ahead and bought some. Shipped in couple days, nice ammo, more than other fmj but purty to look at................

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Ultimately, if you need combat grade FMJ this is a fair deal currently, and hard to find. Otherwise, you can find cheaper FMJ for training and better JHP for combat.

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