Load up for backyard shooting fun with the Steambow® AR-6 Tactical Repeating Crossbow Pistol. It features a unique repeating design that allows you to load up to 6 arrows at once. Rip arrows off downrange at 220 FPS with maximum accuracy thanks to its integrated laser and Pictainny rail that allows you to add optics, flashlights, or other accessories. Great for target practice, pest control, small game hunting, and more.

Innovative 6-shot repeater design
Shoots arrows up to 220 FPS
Integrated laser for fast target acquisition
Removable foregrip
Picatinny rail for adding optics and other accessories
Manual safety
Ambidextrous grip
Includes target arrows
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Key Specifications
Item Number: 719629
Velocity: 220 FPS
Kinetic Energy: 12.66 ft.-lbs.
Draw Length: 6.8"
Draw Weight: 80 lbs.
Overall Length: 19.5"
Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Mfg. Number: SMB-00008


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Yes I need one. Tree rats beware.

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Those little bolts will look great sticking out of a black hoodie or (appropriated) Guy Fawkes mask.

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3 votes

Not surprisingly you got red flagged and this is the closest thing to a firearm you can legally own....

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Ironic coming from the guy who complains about red flags laws more than anyone else on this site. Aren’t you the one always saying “take the guns first, due process later”? Seems like red flag laws have affected you more than anyone else

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1 vote

LOL, “take the guns first, due process later" was my quote? Try Trump you idiot.

Seemed I hit a nerve with with red flag stuff. Question, how long after your involuntary commitment do you have to wait before petitioning to get that used Hipoint .380 returned? I'm sure your net worth took quite the hit when losing that 'asset.'

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Personally and I would bet that I speak for 99% of us other gun owners seeking simply good deals, are all TIRED OF BOTH YOUR SHIT AND CHILDISH ASS COMMENTS, ATTACKS, POLITICAL BULLSHIT AND QUITE FRANKLY JUST STUPID ARGUMENTS. Both of you woohoo and Libtard need to stop the "whos dick is bigger" bullshit. Take your nonsense elsewhere. ... most of us come to this site for some good deals and to take a short break during our day. As if we are not bombarded by similar shit on tv news, radio and printed news. Last thing we wanna see is your childish crap. Grow up, find something else to do and or take it elsewhere,. go to reddit or something....

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You've been a member for "27 min 4 sec."

Which banned troll are you?

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Honestly I stopped caring about this site when they sold out from to Have you seen a "deal" since that day? Site is just copied and pasted shit from fieldsupply, ebay, amazon, and BS. Do you really care about a laser guided Steambow AR-6 crossbow posted 19 times per week, if not, then why do you care about my comments below it? Fanny packs? The same f-in 1951 Beretta 9mm that is at the top of the page, every refresh? How about $1 per round steel cased .223 from True Shot Club? This site has the credibility of a dead crack whore blood donor.

I do respect you, agree with your sentiments most of the time, and value a good userbase more than most however the other 99.99999% of the jackasses on this site DON'T. This site is a magnet to alt-right rejects and they earn my wrath, then ask for seconds, thirds, and fourths....and I am happy to oblige. All the while I am looking for a 'deal' that might accidently make it past the tacti-cruel junk that litters the HTML of this once, decent site. Just like the rest of the internet; if you don't like it, scroll past, speak up, or move the fuck on.

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Your mother?

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4 votes
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