SKU 910125111
Brand Palmetto State Armory
Model Number 910125111

Model: Palmetto Dagger Compact
Caliber: 9mm
Action: Striker Fired
Weight: 22.4oz (unloaded)
Overall Length: 7.15"
Overall Width: 1.28"
Overall Height: 4.78" (Without Mag)
Barrel Length: 3.9"
Barrel Material: Stainless Steel
Barrel Finish: DLC Coating
Twist Rate: SAAMI Spec 1:10
Slide Material: Stainless Steel
Slide Finish: DLC Coating
Frame: Polymer
Front Sight: Truglo Tritium Night Sight, White
Rear Sight: Truglo Tritium Night Sight, White
Safety: Striker Block Safety & Trigger Safety
Magazine: Comes with One (1) 15rd Magazine

A compact-sized polymer-framed pistol, the Palmetto Dagger with Carry Cuts™ introduces game-changing ergonomics and controllability. Made from high-quality stainless steel and advanced polymers, this pistol lives up to today's highest expectations while maintaining the unmatched Palmetto State Armory value. Chambered in 9x19mm, the Palmetto Dagger is fed from a supplied PMAG® 15 GL9™ (15-Round) magazine and operated by a smooth single-action striker-fired trigger mechanism. The Palmetto Dagger is feature-rich even in its standard form, yet also provides a framework for further customization, as it is highly compatible with many aftermarket offerings. The new Carry Cuts™ offer smoother edges to the rear and front of the slide to help with faster drawing without snagging the user's holster. The slide is also finished with a DLC coating. 
Additional Features:
Ergonomic Grip Shape
Carry Cuts™ on Slide
Aggressive Grip Texturing
Striker Fired
Flat Faced Trigger
Striker Block Safety and Trigger Safety
Truglo Tritium Night Sights, White - 3 Dots
Stainless Steel Recoil Spring Guide Rod
DLC Coated Slide
DLC Coated Barrel
15rd Magazine

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I have one of these and yes most gen 3 aftermarket parts will work with it. I thought the dagger trigger was bad, but then again my EDC is a Walther PDP and that trigger is heaven, So I'm a little spoiled. But I did drop in an apex trigger and it is much better.

ALSO, they use roll pins and they are a bitch to punch out, ( except the trigger pin) not easy peasey like OEM glocks.

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Will this take glock 19 aftermarket barrels for suppressing?

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It works fine with all OEM Glock G19 Gen3 parts and aftermarket for the same.
But check PSA first for other Daggers - they have one with threaded barrel and suppressor high sights for 399 I believe

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just make sure the infamous trigger pin doesn't walk on you and you should be good to go

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Takes glock mags and comes with night sights too? At $350, that's a steal! Wonder if it takes glock triggers..

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Just looked it up, and it IS in fact compatible with gen 3 glock triggers

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I’ve shot one the trigger isn’t bad at all. But yeah all Glock gen 3 parts are compatible. The grip is an upgrade for sure. Feels better than a Glock

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Out of stock.

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In stock at the time of this post!

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