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Type Rifle
Action Semi Automatic
Caliber/Gauge 7.62x39
Capacity 30
Barrel Length 16.3
Sights Post Front, Notch Rear
Muzzle Muzzle Brake
Stock Description Sporter
Safety Lever
License Requirement FFL
Manufacturer Pioneer Arms
UPC 850045874223
Threaded Barrel Yes
Condition New

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Comments (6)

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I would bite if it is $400-500 even if it is a piece of shit AK brand from "Radom"

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Call me dumb but where the fu*k is the "Pomeranian military district"??? Isn't that an annoying, snippy little bastard of a dog? Lol.

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On the border between Germany and Poland. If you don't know, don't you have the Google? At my house we have the Google. He looks up things for you. This is quite useful. You should get the Google at your house!

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Read below dipshit... I did "Google it".. but you had to be a smart ass without reading my second comment first.. typical little man smart ass...

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Dude I figured the dog too haha

1 vote
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