Federal 5.56 NATO 62-Gr. Bonded Softpoint FBI Equivalent 20 Rnds - $29.95

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Price: $29.95
Price per round: $1.498
20 rds 5.56 mm Federal 62 grain Bonded Softpoint FBI Equivalent Load XM556SBCT3. 20 rounds per box, 50 boxes per case. 5.56 mm Federal 62 grain Bonded Softpoint FBI Equivalent Load XM556SBCT3, per the manufacturer and our sources this is the same ammo XM556FBIT3 that we had in the past, they just give it a different SKU # for non-FBI contract. This ammo is one of the most advanced designs for personal protection or law enforcement use where maximum knock down power is desired. This is the real deal and is not labeled as a "second" by the manufacturer

Amount: 20
Category: Ammo
Caliber: 223/5.56
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Deals are all relative.. I've

Deals are all relative.. I've seen TULA in the classifieds for this price, so if you're comparing it to that this is a steal :)

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Johnmoses's picture

SGAMMO is a rip off, and so

SGAMMO is a rip off, and so is Natches...two placesI wil never give my money to. And soft point is a joke, that's why it's available. The standard 5.56 round is inherently a perfect home defense round that breaks up on most low lever barrier impacts. The penetration is less than all big bore handguns, and Buckshot....so why go with "less" of a penetrator? This round is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist....

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You're comparing a good

You're comparing a good company with still decent prices, SG Ammo, with a price gouging screw you on shipping dealer in Natchez? SG won't charge you $26 plus tax and shipping for ATK's bottom of the line production for .380 ammo.

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Gess what place i will never

Gess what place i will never give a penny to. Even when prices come back to normal. Hey sgammo thanks for showing your patrons how much you really care about them. Glad there are places ike brownells and midway. Hell even cabellas is cheaper then this. DO NOT BY THIS OVER PRICE AMMO. Anyhting over .50 cents a round i wont buy. And it is out there. I bought 500 rounds in the last month cheaper then that.

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Enjoy your Wolf, Tula, and

Enjoy your Wolf, Tula, and reloads then.

This isn't M193, this isn't cheap Russian steel, its not reloaded ammo.....you have to pay MORE for soft point ammo. Just because you do not want to pay for higher quality ammo in this, varmint, silver tip, ballistic tip, match grade, etc. ammo doesn't mean you have to knock it. Quality ammo comes with a price, I cannot remember what this round was going for pre-panic, but I can assure you it isn't the 30 cent a round ammo you love so much.

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To answer your question, this

To answer your question, this ammo could be found for around $400-$450 per 900rds (sometimes 1000rds, depending on packaging) in the Oct-Nov 2012 time frame (aka pre-panic). The price someone is willing to pay for ammo is often related to how the buyer intends to use the ammo. For an enjoyable time with friends at the local range, Wolf can be a good choice. For knocking down coyotes at 200-300yds, prairie dogs at 100-200yds, etc., i prefer something a little more consistent than wolf...for which I am willing to pay a little more. But $1.50 a round for this ammo is well beyond acceptable!!! JMO.

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I don't buy 30 cent per round

I don't buy 30 cent per round ammo and don't shoot cheap ammo through my ARs. You should not be insulting to someone that is just pointing out that this is no deal and does not belong on this website--as others have noted and feel the same way

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He could have just said that

He could have just said that prices will come down and he'll wait to find better deals then...i would have agreed with him and gone on with my day. Instead, he goes down the whining and moaning route....oh well brother.

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and how is $1.49 a round a

and how is $1.49 a round a "deal" ???
freakin gouger

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Its not production overrun or

Its not production overrun or rejected nothing special FMJ ammo. Its bonded soft points for home defense made to the specs requested by the FBI. So what would you pay for premium ammo? 30 cents a round?

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for what it's worth, this is

for what it's worth, this is soft point xm556. This isn't your run of the mill .223 cartridge. That said, I still pass

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