Ermox Defense XFIRE Semi-Automatic 9x19mm Striker Fired Pistol TK670-F1: Have you ever wanted a Glock-style pistol with an Aluminum frame at a very affordable price? Wait no more as Ermox Defense has answered all of your requests. Introducing the Ermox Defense XFIRE in 9mm. The X-Fire is the perfect harmony of reliability and comfort providing unlimited shooting pleasure with its dual-recoil spring and extreme safety with World famous Safe Action system. With its expertly crafted, Tennifer Coated, perforated 4140 Steel Slide and space-grade, eloxal+fixage plated aluminum-milled frame, the X-Fire promises a lifetime of reliable service. Full metal configuration, low barrel bore axis, and aggressive texture on the grips provide maximum control and faster aim recovery while shooting. The pistol comes with interchangeable grip panels for a more customizable experience. The X-Fire is Glock® compatible and accepts most Glock® Style Magazines.

The slide comes standard with TruGlo fiber optic sights and 2 Optic plate cuts to directly mount your choice of after-market optics. The X-Fire allows the most popular red-dot sights brands to be mounted: • Truglo • Docter • Meopta • Insight • Vortex • C-More • Trijicon

This pistol comes as a Shooters Package and ships in a very elegant hard plastic case protected for shipment inside a cardboard carton box. Accessories that ship with the pistol include two 15 rounds magazines, 2 plates (3 mounting options), a cleaning kit, and spare color grip panels. The Glock® compatible barrel is nitride, honed, burnished, and plated for unparalleled accuracy. The X-Fire is the outcome of meticulous engineering, hard work, competitive shooters' torture tests, and law enforcement's advisement and input. In our humble opinion, this very may well be the most gun that can be had at this price point, in terms of design, function, and features.
Glock 19 mags both factory and aftermarket fit flush, but all standard double-stack Glock mags will fit and feed including the high-cap fun sticks. Don't miss this.

Ermox Defense
Semi Automatic
Caliber: 9x19
Length: 7.04 in. / 179 mm
Height (w/ magazine) : 5 in. / 127 mm
Length of Slide: 6.84 in. / 173,93 mm
Width of Slide: 1.08 in. / 27,55 mm
Width: 1.29 in. / 33 mm
Length of Barrel: 4.01 in. / 102 mm
Weight: 1.74 lbs. / 790 gr
Trigger Weight: 5.51 lbs. / 2500 gr

License Requirement FFL
Manufacturer Ermox Defense
Mfg. Part Number TK670-F1
UPC 860010681404
Caliber/Gauge 9mm
Action Semi Automatic
Condition New

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Comments (13)

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Price drop sure didn't take long...smh

2 votes
0 votes

Why are the sights backwards

4 votes
0 votes

Are they? Hard for me to tell from this view. It just looks like a fiber optic sight.

1 vote
0 votes

Yeah. It’s fiber optic sights. In vid I saw can see from top.

1 vote
0 votes

It’s got a horrible trigger and the connector and the way it fits into the trigger housing is proprietary, not sure if it only takes the proprietary housing or if a Glock one will work at all. The connector is notched and held in a removable plastic block in the housing. I tried to swap the connector to make the trigger better is how I found out. Glock slides will not work as well. The reset is nice and the trigger shoe is excellent but the pull is heavy and just awkward. I greased it up but it didn’t help much and it might take a a lot of rounds to smooth out but it is much heavier pull than a Glock. So just be aware it’s not a 1:1 clone.

2 votes
1 vote

Try swapping in a 4lb or 4.5lb striker spring. Makes the trigger break much better, no need to swap other parts.

0 votes
0 votes

Messing with the striker spring is a good way to mess up reliability

0 votes
0 votes

& warranty

0 votes
0 votes

Ok then enjoy the crappy trigger LOL!
(Mines working great!)

1 vote
0 votes

I sold that POS wannabe clone

0 votes
2 votes

If the grip angle is NOT Glock, I'll buy one today. Looks like a fun gun.

1 vote
0 votes

It takes glock mags so the grip angle is going to be very similar.

0 votes
0 votes

Not entirely true. The P80 frame has a much better grip angle over the Glock grip angle. Takes the same mags.

4 votes
0 votes
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