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9mm Luger
115 gr
Bullet Type
Energy at Muzzle
335 ft-lbs
1145 fps

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Compare prices for 0004544639356 - CCI Ammunition Blazer Brass Bulk 9mm FMJ 115-Grain Ammo 1000-Rounds Case 5000BK1000 from all vendors

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Ammo and Firearms calculated in cart, everything else $9.99
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$19.95 Handguns, $29.95 Long Guns
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124g is the same price, depends on what you shoot but for me that's what I prefer. As dresegura noted in a previous comment, shipped free for me. After taxes total came to $256. Not quite as nice as $233 but that's government for ya.

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04/2020 these were going for $220. If anyone wanted to compare prices

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Why compare? Yesterday’s price is not today’s price…

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Taxes are $22 but appears to be no shipping. Order review happens after payment

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